Unacceptable Heavy throttling on my Ideapad 720s 15IKB

I own the Lenovo Ideapad 720s 15IKB with a i7-7700HQ and a Max Q 1050 TI, I’ve had this laptop for a couple of months, I’ve repasted it with arctic silver 5 which brought my temps down from a max of 96 on the cpu to 85 and a max of 88 on the gpu to 80, I’ve had a issue where when I play games, no matter what game, I’d experience throttling on the gpu and cpu I’m very low temps, I can confirm this is indeed thermal as GPU-Z and XTU states this, I’d start a game on an undervolt of -150mv and an undervolt on the gpu of 1600mhz on 900 on msi afterburner voltage curve editor, all my nvidia drivers are up to date so please don’t say “update drivers” mindlessly, i have an overlay to monitor temps and clock frequencies in game, playing assassins creed oddyseey, the would throttle on the cpu from 3000mhz to all the way down to 1700-1800 MHz within 10-15 mins of gameplay, peak temp is 80, I’m no expert on laptops but laptops aren’t supposed to throttle at this point, throttling is supposed to happen at unsafe temps of 90c + , some cases my gpu core clock will be at 1152 which Is the base and would never boost up even tho the gpu temp Is under 70c, I’ve tested multiple games like fortnite, Rainbow six siege and battlefield 1, every single game would Throttle, even at very low temps, the worst being the gpu which would never boost, if I force the frequency to stay at  say 1500 MHz, it would stay at that for around 10 mins, reach a max of temp of 80-82 and throttle, honestly I would’ve returned this laptop if I could but the store I’ve bought it from doesn’t except return or exchange, this is my first Lenovo product and this is a huge disappoint to me to the point that I can genuinely say I will no longer purchase or recommend Lenovo to my friends, to any guys saying “but this isn’t a gaming laptop” that doesn’t matter, I pay for the specs and I expect it to perform how others with the same laptop or even specs to perform, not severely downgraded experiences, I would go as far to call it robbery and false advertising, other people who own this unit have told me that after a repaste and undervolt they never experienced throttling and it would throttle only at extreme temps whereas my unit would sometimes throttle for no reason whatsoever, if any owners of this laptop read this, I’d appreciate any help because I’m stuck with this heap of **bleep** laptop for a while unfortunately, thanks for reading. 

Ideapad 530s – Up and Down keys problem

I’ve noticed since I got the laptop that the Up and Down Keys function depending on the pressure put upon them, if it’s a normal touch it only goes up or down once, and if it’s put a lot of pressure it will scroll all the way. I don’t know it it’s a problem or if the keys are working correctly.


Does it need to be repaired or not?

Docking Station for ThinkPad T470 and W541

Hi Guys,


is there a Docking Station which is working for my W541 and my T470?




Hotkey Fn + Prtscreen / Snipping Tool Integration With Snip & Sketch

Dear Lenovo,


Can you integrate snip & sketch with Lenovo Hotkey Driver for T470?

Because when i update to latest october CU, and latest hotkey driver. Turn into this (Attached)


Thank You.

Lenovo ThinkPad T460s BIOS Update Error


Installation of BIOS updates (1.37 and 1.39) fail with the following error:

BIOS is updated successfully.
OpenService failed! Error = 1060
OpenService failed! Error = 1060


Intallation run via SCCM 2012 in silent mode (WINUPTP64.EXE -s ). OS: Windows 10 64-bit.

Actually, the BIOS appears updated, but installation returned error code 1.


So the questions: What does this error mean? Can it be ignored or not?

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