Unable to find "Dolby Atmos for Gaming" setup file – Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0

Hello All,


I have recently bought this laptop (Legion 540-15IRH-PG0) model. It spec sheet is I5-9300H, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 15" Screen, GTX 1650. It came with Windows 10 by default. I’m planning to install linux on the same. However, in case I want to return back to windows, I want all the dirvers setup files for re-installation.


However, I cannot find driver setup file for "Dolby Atmos for Gaming" in the "drivers" folder in the C drive.Also, can’t find the driver, in the "Drivers & Software" download page in Lenovo website (search by this product: Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0 Laptop (Lenovo) – Type 81SY)

There’s no DAX3 / DolbyGUI  folder in the drivers folder. Where can I find the setup file for the same.

Thanks for your help in advance.




Slow even with SSD

I had an Ideapad 130-15AST. I had upgraded the RAM to 8 GB and swapped the 1 TB HDD with a 64 GB SSD that i had as spare. The SSD is  Kingston V100 series with SATA3. Before removing the HDD i had taken the disk image using the wundows inbuilt tool and then restored it to the SSD. Despite all these the laptop still takes close to 1 minute to boot. It had only Windows 10 and MS Office 2013 and nothing else. I had already disabled the services i do not need, removed the page file. The  only startup item is the Avast free antivirus. The SSD is setup in AHCI mode and TRIM enabled.

The startup times are not at all impressive. Am i missing something here? Or my laptop is not designed for SSD?


Also i had noticed that the Lenovo site does not list the motherboard drivers for this laptop model. Do we need to download them elsewhere?

VVOL Storage Service not working in V3700

Issue with Spectrum Connect :- We have a Spectrum Connect deployed and the requirement from Customer is to make use of VVOL enabled Data storage (VVOL Storage Container).
The Storage is a IBM V3700 running at IBM Spectrum Connect is v3.6.1
What we did so far,
– Enabled VVOL on IBM V3700
– Host Type changed VVOL
– Created a new Mdiskgrp of 25Tb with
– On Spectrum Control, Create Storage Space, Created Storage Service (with VVOL Service Enabled)
– Added Storage system (V3700) in Spectrum Connect which is displaying the Parent Pool (25Tb)
The Problem –> The storage pool on Spectrum Connect is not getting attached the Storage Service (with VVOL Service Enabled). Have tried all options, but do not work. The storage service (with NO VVOL checked) created, is allowing the storage pool to attach to this service. However, this will not serve the purpose, since Vmware needs a VVOL enabled Storage Container.

T580 Replacement Keyboard

There seems to be something wrong with the  left trackpoint button on my T580. It’s flush with the trackpad as if it’s completely depressed.

It still functions, but sometimes I have to press it with a little extra pressure, especially when I have to hold it down when dragging objects around.

I created a service ticket online to get a replacement keyboard under warranty. It’s customer replaceable part so I thought they would send me a new keyboard but I just got a notification that they’re sending me a box to ship the laptop to them. I didn’t get any other responses previous to the notification. Is this normal?

ideapad L340 gaming drive D deleted accidentally, questions

i saw the contents of it and saw drivers. i deleted it because i am gonna merge it with other drive then i panicked becausei dont know if there are important system files there, is it ok to get deleted? or should i reset my laptop, this laptop is my biggest purchase so i am super worried my laptop is broken and break the drivers or something.


is drive d ok to be deleted even with drivers folder and stuff?

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