Troubles with wireless card realtek 8821ce on Yoga 530 14arr

Hi everyone, i have a serious problem with my laptop. I’m from Italy so sorry for my not perfect English.

Some times ago my laptop restarts without reason, after a few days I found out that my pc restarts only when i’m on wifi.

Disabling the wireless card the problem is solved but i cannot go online so it’s not a solution. I found a driver for the wireless card ( here ) that solved the problem for a while but two days ago i update with windows update and now i’m again stuck on this problem.

Maybe someone could help me, don’t know how to solve the problem and why it is here.

Lenovo Legion Y530 Serial Invalid, MTM invalid and product name invaild

Hello , 
i have some problem in my laptop after i send it to the lenovo service and repair the motherboard

i have this problemhow i can fix it ?



lenovo y740 send to service

hello , so it seems i stripped 3 screws of my heatsink (bad screwdriver)  and also scratched the aluminium foil under it , i own a legion y740 iRHg , with 2 year warranty , i’ve tried using a dremel but it’s too soft and i don’t want to break something. 

i don’t mind the warranty (since its CRU as seen in forums) , maybe just charge for the filter from heatsink , and i just want to change the screws in lenovo service , and the filter from heatsink , it seems Depanero does not want to interfere and told me that could cause damage to other parts and they don’t do it. Where do i send the laptop? ofcourse lenovo service but where ? seems Depanero is not able to do it and it’s way over their paygrade. everything works fine , but having bad temperatures it seems it’s on my nerves so bad since i’ve bought it (a month ago).

1. Where do i send it now? 

2.Can i upgrade the gpu ? i own a 2060 which is very good , also would like a 2070/2080 depends on price.

3.just lenovo services please , i don’t mind keeping it like it is and when it breaks i toss it out a window . 


PS: if u tell me again depanero , no thank you. i prefer to f it up on my own. heatsink filter 3 screws stripped

lenovo ideapad L340 keyboard replacement

Hi guys a mate of mine has a faulty keyboard (not backlit) and I said Id help to replace it. a couple of questions if possible, is the keyboard integrated into the top cover?  if not how do i remove it??  Ive downloaded the service manual and it covers about everything else but that.

any guidance would be appreciated ..

also does anyone know of a decent supplier in the uk ?



lenovo z51 70 hard shutdown while gaming on power supply

my laptop config is i7 550U. iam using this laptop since 2016 and recently iam facing the issues ike the laptop suddenly shutdowns while gaming on power supply with out any error dispaly notification. i have searched the many solutions like thermal paste changed, and my hdd to ssd and i also upgraded the ram but the problem still continues and i also visited the lenovo authorised service centre so many times . but the problem still continues what to do please help me 

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