I have a ThinkPad Carbon X1 6th gen. Just recently, full screen video keeps minimizing every 10 minutes or so. Is this a Windows 10 issue or a Lenovo issue? How can I fix this?

Lenovo IdeaPad 320: black screen

When im turn on the laptop i cant see the displays. When im turoff the lights of the room i can see the shadows of displays.

I mean, its like the laptop work with 0 brightness. What it could be about ?

Lenovo AIO B50-35 cant boot

So. Build date 2015, all in one running Windows 10.

Its been slowing down, few weeks and freezing a lot. Its now stopped working. 


On power up fan and hdd are spinning. Nothing on screen. Doesn’t boot and after a few minutes switches off. 


Can’t access Bios screen


Anyone have any ideas? 

t480s WWAN challenge



My brand new T480s is giving me a rough time already. I bought it with the Fibocom L850-GL modem and inserted an AT&T sim.


Today I wanted to upload 14 files totaling about 1.66gb over cellular as the upload speeds are much better in town than they are on the home internet. Also I have 48gb of data on the plan so let’s ignore that.


First question, why does it keep changing the network back to metered mode? Every time I turn cellular off and back on it’s again marked as such. Even if the connection drops briefly and comes back on its own it is again metered. One drive refuses to upload on metered connections until I go into it and hit resume. If the connection drops briefly one drive pauses again as it is again metered.


That’s the first, and the less troublesome, issue believe it or not. The real problem I have is, once I do have one drive uploading, I can get speeds according to one drive of around 2.6 or 2.7mb/s. It’ll do that for about 4 minutes or so, till it reaches around 80 to 100mb transfered, then the computer will just hickup and stop responding for a few seconds then come back, and now one drive is uploading at 0.0kb/s and my computer starts getting hot.


Looking in task manager, I see that system is using 99 percent of the cpu, I’m talking about the system process and not speaking of some process running under the system account just to be extra clear. Btw I’m using a port of the windows 7 task manager, I don’t like the windows 10 one, too sluggish.


So, it’s a glitch, I think to myself. I kill one drive, system continues going nuts. So I reboot, all is good. I unpause one drive and watch it start from scratch again (hate that) and it gets to around 80 to 100mb and does the same thing. I look in task manager and it’s using over 90 percent cpu again. This is the core i5 3.4ghz thing.


So, I reboot yet again and try it yet again, exact same thing. And btw, I checked in task manager and system was using 0 like it should before I let one drive do it’s thing. Note also that system continued to use 0 until this weird glitch thing where the computer lags out and one drive suddenly stops working, then that’s when it starts eating all it can get.


The real pitty is, this is mostly what I bought this computer for, my yoga2pro was having issues but I was able to get the keyboard repaired, a battery replacement installed and the WiFi upgraded so now I really need the T480s to be working perfectly in order to justify this 1900 bucks.


I’m suddenly just about tempted to return it, but I really, really think Lenovo shouldn’t hit me with the darn restocking fee as this won’t be an I don’t like it issue it’s an it doesn’t work like it should issue.


Ug, I’m sure if I call Lenovo about this it’ll be reformat your system, it’s most assuredly your fault.


Only thing I have done is delete the lenovo pm device driver and disable windows form automatically installing device drivers so it wouldn’t come back. That being so, do you suppose I’m looking for a modem driver update? I did get one before I turned driver installs off, but.


Still why the heck would system do that. I haven’t had the chance to try letting resilio do my uploading to see if the glitch goes away if it’s not just one drive.


Thanks all, here’s hoping somebody out there knows something. I’m at a loss, I might as well just use my phone’s hotspot and the yoga2pro.

P40 Yoga Trackpoint missing after being docked

I have a P40 Yoga that I use with a OneLink+ Dock.  The trackpoint doesn’t work the first time the machine is booted after being undocked.  The mouse pointer is available on the login screen but as soon as the desktop loads there is no mouse arrow and the trackpoint doesn’t work.  I restart the machine and everything works normally.  If anybody has this problem or a solution please let me know.  I have done a complete reinstall of Windows 10 and the problem still exist.




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