T480 Trackpoint Intermittent

I’ve been having fun with the new T480, except for a problem with the trackpoint. I don’t use the trackpoint for much, but I do use its buttons at the top of the touchpad. I noticed that the buttons were not working, which led me to try and see if the red stick was working. When the buttons stop, the red stick stops too. The trackpoint will just stop working, and I can’t see any pattern to what causes it to quit.


I was worried that it was a hardware problem, and it might be, but if I go to the settings and disable, then re-enable the trackpoint, it usually starts working immediately. The computer is only two weeks old, and is under warranty, but being without it while I send it in for service is far more expensive to me than buying new parts and installing them myself. But is there a good strategy for exhausting software problems first? The Lenovo vantage update system seems to think everything is up to date. While I’ve been composing this post, it has started and stopped working twice.

Lenovo Thinkpad Workstation Dock doesn't refresh remember Wacom Cintiq screen resolution



Do you know if the Thinkpad Workstation Dock is compatible with a Wacom Cintiq? I have to reset the resolution on the Cintiq everytime I restart, power on/off my laptop. I am pretty sure that it is the dock because after connecting the Cintiq tablet direcly to the laptop (fia an HDMI adapter) I have no issues with resolution reset. Something is happening in the dock so I wondered if anyone know if the dock is supposed to work perfectly with the Wacom tablet. I talked to a lady on the phone and she said that the dock is not compatible with the Cintiq but I have a hard time believing that since the ThinkPad is used by graphics people. It is the first time for me and Lenovo. I have always had Dell workstations. 


Also, I could not find a technical support email address. Could you provide one if you have used it in the past?


Thank you!

High GPU Usage with Windows 10 Magnifier

Hi guys,



When I’m starting the Windows Magnifier app (press Windows button and +) the GPU usage is increasing immediately from 0-5% to 30-80%, which is depending whether I’m moving my mouse.
I tried it with even reinstall W10 without any additional software. The issue is still there.
This issue only occures with this specific Intel specifications!


I’m Lenovo L470 (20J5S00C00) using Windows 10 Pro, Intel Graphics drivers, BIOS and W10 are all up to date.

CPU: Intel i5-7200U without any dedicated graphic card.


Do you have any tips or ideas for a solution?

Yoga Book owner – how to reach support?

I have Yoga Book…and now when I have some problems, I can´t reach any support…just forum

Is there a way to conntact someone who can help me with this issue?

Intel hd Graphics 630

Hey so i constantly update my GTX 1050 drivers via the geforce experience app but i have never updated the intel graphic card drivers.

i checked the intel site and the latest version is and the one that is  installed is

Should i manually update the drivers by downloading them because while scanning via the device manager it says the best drivers are already installed.

I know its a noob question but i dont want to mess with anything that isn’t broken. 

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