My Yoga 500-14ACL is really good-looking. That’s all positive I can say.

Since I have purchased it some years ago, I experienced troubles of all kinds.

I disabled the touchscreen, ’cause this this was causing crazy ghost touches everywhere.


A week ago also the touchpad stopped working. Not good. I had to use a usb mouse. I’ve read many forums, tried almost everything, but nothing. Finally, I’ve solved the issue today! Heureka!


That’s what you have to do if you have my problem:


– turn off your Lenovo.

– Turn it on using the NOVO button (look for it in the manual or online, if you have no clue).

– Go to Bios settings and set on "enabled" BIOS Back flashing (or something like that).

– Open this page:

– Let the page detect you system, then search for your BIOS drivers and download them

– Launch it.


That’s it. 

May be once I’ll be able even to use my never-touched touchscreen.




This forum status

Is this forum supported by Lenovo at all? I found here a question on the same problem which I’m facing, unanswered for 7 months.

How do I change my time zone on my new Legion Y520

I definately clicked UK when setting this up but I see from my previous new threads that I am hours out of date. How do I change it please?


(I have checked FAQs here and also searched but no luck.)

Yoga 3 pro stuck on Lenovo logo


My Lenovo yoga 3 pro has been stuck on Lenovo logo since the past 2 days.

It charges but nothing happens after that 

Please help.

Bought a Legion Y520

My Lenovo Legion Y520 has the following specs – Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz), 4GB DDR4, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB.

I have The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim in my Steam library so I installed it and the game recommended to play on High so I did. Just to find out that I have around 25-30 FPS? That’s worrying me to be fair, I mean if this laptop’s not able to run a 2012 game on High at a decent FPS rate (at least 60), then what are the chances I’ll get to run newer games like FIFA17/18 or Battlefield 1?


I have all the drivers updated. Also added Skyrim in nVidia Control Panel thing so it’s running with it.

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