I have a problem with sim slot like sim popup is illegal so I requested to kindly solution for this

Can I upgrade my Ideapad y580 type 2099 to windows 10? Are there drivers available?

I need to update my Ideapad y580 type 2099 to windows 10, but Microsoft told me it is not compatible.  Microsoft told me that I could probably upgrade it to windows 10 but I need to contact Lenovo to make sure there are available drivers…

IBM TS3200 Tape library and Lenovo LTO7

Can we use Lenovo LTO7 tape drive in our IBM tape library? Is it compatible?

What tape drive will you recomend?

DirectX Help From Lenovo Not Working – DirectX DirectDraw Direct3D Not Working – W530 Win7

I have a ThinkPad W530 with Win7 64bit and an Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card that has issues with DirectX causing the failure of curtain important programs.

Diagnostics show DirectDraw Acceleration is disabled, Cirect3D Acceleration in not available, and AGP Texture Acceleration in not available.

The Lenovo help page says to:
(1) Open "Screen Resolution" by clicking "Start" –> "Control Panel" –> "Appearance and Personalization". Then click "Adjust screen resolution".
(2) Click "Advanced settings".
(3) Click "Troubleshoot" tab, and then click "Change settings".

I am logged in as administrator when I follow the above instructions, the "Change Settings" button is there but NOT active, so it cannot be depressed.

How do I make the button active?
Are there any other ways to fix the DirectX problem that I may not have tried yet (and I have tried many)?


Lenovo K8 Note restarts while using

My Lenovo K8 note suddenly restarts while using and a great battery loss too take place after the whole process. I don’t manually restart it, it automatically restart and anytime while using. 10-20 percent battery too drains after the whole process. Please suggest a solution.l

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