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I have just bought new NVMe SSD from ebay.com which pulled out from brand new Thinkpad T570.I am trying to install it into my Thinkpad E570 by cloning my HDD.After installation of NVMe SSD it asks password when turning the laptop on (not BIOS PW).If the password is not entered OS is not loading. Is there any master password for this SSD part no 00UP436?

Tab4 8 now has Android 8.1

Mine is the US model, US Amazon imported to Canada.  Checked Settings about 11:00 p.m. EST and there it was.  Descriptive note indicates some Lenovo changes along with the Android version upgrade – total download about 1.5GB.  Caution that it’s wise to attach external power:  the install process stalls if battery goes below 30%, can only be resumed when that level is restored.  Seems to have installed cleanly.  


On quick inspection Oreo is snappy, UI changes are okay but some icons changed. My installed apps, data including microSD, and settings were respected.  Lenovo included two unwanted games Iuninstalled) and its pesky unwanted Lenovo Weather app with constant notification clogger (disabled).  


Update to the comments below: I just left microSD (portable not adoptable storage) inserted during the upgrade, and now tried VLC, cam and image apps, OSMAnd+, etc. all working fine.  Re "Lenovo Weather", it’s a "system" app and can only be disabled right-swiping the notification – I can’t recall if AccuWeather was also preinstalled, if so it was uninstalled way back.


Nov.23rd I placed an order : a thinkpad P1 model (order number : 4292172581) and my credit card was charged. Then a day after, for some unknown reason, the order was cancelled by you without any notice about refund.


I called your credit card dept. immediately and they promised to finish the refund within 48hours.


And now, Nov.28th, 5 days after, I still haven’t got my refund. I have been called the credit card dept. everyday since the 48hrs passed  but the line was always busy, I asked for call back, no one call back.


I am now truly disappointed about the service Lenovo provided, I regret that I once want to buy your product. Now I have to doubt if I can trust you.


Pls reach to me ASAP and return my money. Thx.

Please fix the battery drain issue on k8 plus

After Sept 5 update there is battery drain issue in k8 plus. Battery backup has been reduced drastically. Before I used to get back up of almost 1.5 day with 7 to 8 hours of screen on time but after Sept 5 update I am getting one day battery backup with screen on time only up to 4 to 5 hours. All the cores in cpu remains at max clock size for all time. Please resolve this issue asap. 

Thinkpad A485 – Silent/Perfomance mode and 2242 SSD?

I’m loving my new A485 but I have 2 issues that I’m unanble to solve.



Silent/Perfomance toggle is only showing up sometimes? 

There is this little speedometer in the taskbar that is either bleu or orange depending on your silent or performance setting. But often this toggle is missing from my taskbar after a sleep / hibernation or full restart. I tried almost everything to figure out what could trigger this issue but I haven’t really figured out what it could be…


All software is up to date and I’m running Win 10 1809 




Installing a second SSD in the wwan port (m.2 2242)

Is this even possible? I inserted a new M.2 2242 SATA SSD with 512GB but it does not show up anywhere in the Disk manager or in MS dos (diskpart). 


A little help would be welcome for this new Thinkpad user :smileyhappy:






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