Regarding Oreo Update

Yesterday Night , I updated my smartphone K8 plus in Oreo 8.0 . There are too many problems Which doesn’t solve after reset . Please solve my problem and release a new update or tell me how to downgrade to nought.

List of problems-

1. Sim 1 network issue – in sim 1 slot netwotk never in stable state always network up and down , sometimes even no network

2. Draw over the apps not working so i am unable to use any app lock .

3. Unable to record call while i am recording a call then only my voice is recognized other not.

4. Proxy sensor not working.

5. During call network not stable.

6. Video Quality very bad.

7. Brightness issue. Adaptive brightness automatically on after sometimes which irritating.

8. 4G network not srable.

Please Solve these issues as fast as you can. because i am unable to use sim 1 or my reliance jio ????????

Broken RJ45 connector on Yoga 11E 3rd Gen

I  have dislocated pins on the RJ45 socket on my Yoga 11E 3rd Gen tablet S/N xxxxxxxxxxx.


Is it possible to get this part repaired/replaced anywhere? Would I need to have the motherboard replaced?




Mod edit:  Removed Serial Number to prevent abuse.

Cut myself on sharp lenovo 920 edges

Ok seriously the 920 is horrendously sharp. I’ve had the notebook for 1 week and I just cut myself to the point of bleeding!!


This isn’t right! Is there sorting that is a manufacture defect on this line? 

X1 Carbon gen 6 black- paint comes off very easily

Had my X1 for two weeks and I noticed the paint is coming off on the edges. I treat the machine with tender loving care. For me 1600.00 is a chunk of change for a laptop and I treat it carefully. Has anyone noticed this or is this specific to my unit?



Ideapad 710S: bought 2 external CD Drives and neither are recognized

Neither of these external drive are are recognized  and installed.

Does Microsoft require that i buy a licence to install 3rd Party Harware and Software?

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