problème avec un T450s


Voilà, dernièrement j’ai rencontré un problème avec mon pc, un Thinkpad T450s. 

Depuis windows ne voulait pas se lancer, windows seven 64 bits. 

J’ai essayé une restauration mais sans succès. puis, en passant par une nouvelle installation j’ai réussi à voir que la partition de récupération était intacte mais inutilisable. 

Alors comment faire pour restaurer mon pc en sachant que je n’ai pas fait de sauvegharde externe ? 

Merci d’avance



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Here, recently I have encountered a problem with my pc, a Thinkpad T450s.

Since Windows did not want to get started (Windows 7 64 bit).

I tried a recovery without success. Then, through a new installation. I managed to see that the recovery partition was intact but unusable.


So how can I restore my pc knowing that I have not done external backup?


Thank you in advance


Can,t close facebookpagina

Vibe P1a42 charging port not working after update


I own a Lenovo Vibe P1a42 smartphone with build number P1a42_S145_xxxxxx (I don’t remember the next numbers) and I update it to build P1a42_S152_160126 using the system update section. After my phone restarted, it does not have the startup or boot sounds and the hard home button does not work anymore. Does not vibrate too. Even usb/charging port is not working. The computer cannot detect it and it does not charge too using the wall adaptor. I also notice the light on the left side of Home and back key is not appearing when using/touching the phone. Is it because of the update and how to revert back to my previous build?


Anyone care to help me regarding the said problems. Now my P1a42 is 28% of battery and I cannot charge it because of the micro usb port is not working.





Lenovo legion Y520 in-game temperatures

What frightens me is that during the game, the processor temperature is about 90 degrees. The temperature is very volatile and changes every second at great intervals of about 10 degrees. Still, I was able to take a picture on the screen. Note that in the first picture the processor load is just over 30% and the temperature at some point was 88 degrees. All this happens at a room temperature of about 25 degreesAt the same time, however, the temperature of the video card is only 64 degrees (the second picture)All this happens at a room temperature of about 25 degrees. I decided to take advantage of the services of lenovo nerve sense and turned on extreme cooling. See now what the result is.The processor temperature is 5-6 degrees lower, and the video card is exactly the sameIn fact, it scares me the temperature of the processor. In-game loading is only 30-40% and the temperature is close to 90 degrees. while the video card load is almost 100% and temperatures are 60-65 degrees. Tell me this is normal … and if it’s not what I can do to improve CPU temperatures.

X1 Carbon 2017 – Wifi Issue



I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 5 and it has issue with the wifi connection. If I reboot my PC and then connect to a wifi network it’ll work but if I put it in sleep mode and turn it on after a while it’ll never connect again until I reboot it. I don’t know what to do. I tried to go back to the previous driver but it didn’t make any difference.


Do you guys have an idea ?


Thanks in advance.

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