Have had my P52 for little over half a year now and have noticed that lately, I’m experiencing more and more trouble with my device.


When attempting to undervolt the CPU, I don’t seem to go more than a few days (at best) before a random crash and everything is reset back to default. I guess I could live without it, but decreasing the amount of heat coming from the chip seems like a good thing.


Regardless of whether or not I have attempted to undervolt the CPU or not, the computer seems to freeze at random. it doesn’t matter if I’m just hitting the windows button to launch something off the start menu or if I’m in CAD or playing a game, the screen just freezes (or alternatively go dark) for a few seconds and then continues like nothing ever happened.


Every time this happens, I go search for updated drivers and try to solve the problem, but it never seems to go away. Although, I have noticed that for some reason I can’t update the graphics driver for the integrated graphics for the processor, claiming that my specific model doesn’t support the driver despite having the intel software tell me it is compatible.

Specifications of my device are an i7-8850H, 16GB RAM, Quadro P3200, 256GB SSD.

Battery discharges when laptop in hibernation, and Win10 wants to hibernate again. G50-80

It’s either my G50-80 grew old, or because of Win10 update 1903 ?

After hibernation for ~ 12 hours, my battery becomes almost empty.

It is fully charged before hibernation (~10 hours plugged in).

The battery itself looks healthy despite it is ~4 years old, the laptop can run off the battery for 2-3 hours.


The real annoyance is that right after resume from hibernation, Windows 10 decides to hibernate again.

In the event log: kernel-power, event 524 "Critical Battery Trigger Met"


Dear Lenovo! Can you please explain to Microsoft that when the machine wakes up on AC power –

no mater what is the battery state – Windows is NOT going to hibernate automatically!

Just stay on and keep charging.


Thank you in advance.


— pa


Yoga 2 11 Battery

Hi, hope somebody can help with this.


I bought a Yoga 2 11 mid 2017 so it’s just about 2 years old. I bought it as a ‘going away’ machine so only gets used properly about 5 times per year. Very dissapointed that just after 12 months the battery started to quickly loose capacity especially as I had been using conservation mode when running on the AC Adapter. I just put it down to the irregular use it gets. Now the battery shows only 1 hour of use at full charge and worse if I pop it in its bag (fully shut down) when I come to use it a few hours later it can be down to only 10% or even down to the red safety shut off.  So time to replace it I guess. Looked on Lenovo web site for a replacement but after using the various search options all I got was no records found. So using the serial number I used the option to see what spares were listed as being available for my machine. No battery was shown as available.


Next I checked this ( and other Forums) I found that other people had the same problem and one person on this Forum said he had contacted Lenovo support directly and been told to search the Internet for a supplier. So this I did. I’ve now got the replacement (claimed as genuineLenovo) battery it looks identical with the same Yello Lenovo labeling and Lenovo Trademark but when I plug in the charger it charges for about 1 minute then stops with the message ‘Plugged in, not charging’ and the charge light flashes a slow orange pulse instead of white.


I tried just about all I can think of but after the initial minute the new battery appears to be rejected. Is there some software tweak I need to perform to get the battery charging. 


Thanks  Jack

500-15ISK keyboard lock connecter broken

Hi guys, as I accidentally broke the flip flop lock that locks the keyboard ribbon into the motherboard’s connector’s base. And basically my laptop has become keyboardless. 


Is there anyway to fix this? The flip flop lock was so so fragile, like what the hell Lenovo? It broke with the slightest pressure. 

X1C6 touchpad issue after waking up

I have this issue for almost a year now, updates do not fix that.

Sometimes after waking up touchpad works like this: you put the finger on it and start moving. Cursor on the screen has a lag of approximately 0,5 s before starting to move. But after that if you keep moving your finger everything works perfectly. Then you raise your finger, put it down again and there will be same issue with starting 0.5 s lag.

To resolve issue it is sufficient to just put laptop to sleep and wake it up again. So, I guess this issue happens after relatively long sleep, for example overnight.


Does anybody experience the same? Any tips are much appreciated.

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