Why is there no way to change Ram speed or voltage in my AIO 700 bios, or at least enable XMP? This is a severe limitation of Lenovo and a deal breaker for buying another Lenovo compupter, not only because you are forcing your customers to stick with old technology, but you are making it difficult for your customers to replace existing sticks of ram because it it difficult to find matching sticks that run at 2133 mhz! Limiting us to a maximum of 16 GB, even thought the board will handle 32 GB makes it even more frustrating. One of the main benefits of buying a PC over a Mac is upgradeablity, which is especially important in a world where websites and applications are becoming more and more graphics, video and photo intensive. This is our first Lenovo computer, which we really liked when we first bought 3 years ago, but it’s become a real dog because it’s not keeping up with the times. Please advise..

Lenovo 330S-15ARR 2200U USB/WIFI/Trackpad , request question

Dear Community

I have this particular laptop in the subject i bought around 2018 November, First issues i have with bluetooth (dissapering and reappearing between restart) countless reset and frimware upgrade helped me to have it fix.

My main issue is my left alwalys on high speed usb show attention sign in device manager and everything what is connect is getting dropped after 1-2 minutes , S9 connect show error but can still charge from the port, usb mouse connect reconnect every 2 min.
The manufucturer Troubleshooting software Vantage show no error from usb side.Everything is up to date drivers and win10 as well.

As usuall Lenovo Chat said do a computer reset and if it work its fine.

once a week my Wifi (not in device manager) or trackpad (not in device manager) is unavailable simply not working and restart is the fix 2nd or 3rd.(No wireless network card/bluetooth device show only virtualbox if it happen)

Bonus question for you , can i connect 2 hdmi display through usb3/usb C for this machine (cheap docking solution)


Ideapad 720s-14IKB will not power on plugged in, not charging. DEAD. Help, please?

Bought this laptop less than 10 months ago for my college freshman. 2 weeks before finals, it quit powering up. It will not power on when connected to the AC outlet either. It’s dead.


I cannot find any phone number to call. I have tried holding power button for 15 seconds while unplugged and trying to plug in and start up – to no avail. 


I’d like to get this fixed vs. buying another one. and I assume since it’s less than 1 year old I can get warranty work done…although the Lenovo website says my warrany is expired when I key in the S/N. 


Thanks in advance!

Custom / coloured key caps

Has anyone had experience with non standard key caps?
I’d quite like a different colour F5 for instance as I’m a software developer.

windows 10 installation and resize EFI partition

Hi everyone, 


I am trying to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 on brand new high spec Thinkpad X1 Tablet Gen 3. 


I have created a recovery thumb drive based on the below two links:





My understanding was that I would be greeted with the traditional windows 10 setup, but instead when I boot from the USB drive the recovery utility is loaded. The things I can do there is select language and accept the T&C’s, and everything else is done for me without giving me the option to make any changes to partitions for instance. 


I noticed a very strange thing during the driver package installtion, there were a few packages named RetailDemo which were installed, and that shouldn’t be happening on a retail product that ships to a customer. 


So my question is how do I create a Windows 10 usb thumb drive for a clean installation were I would be able to change the size of the EFI parition? I want to increase the EFI partition size so that I can install PopOS and dual boot. 


Maybe I followed the wrong guide to create the bootable usb, is there another guide?



– G

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