YOGA 920 – Need help getting service

Customer service/ warranty nightmare. No callback from case managers. Service request 8010887939


I have a defective Lenovo Explorer headset that was sent out on 3/15/2018. Service request number: 8010887939. Was told it would be 3-7 business days. After 2 weeks I called to follow up with the status. I was told that item was still being repaired. I kindly informed them of their turnaround time at which point I was told to wait a bit longer.. After another 3 days I called back and was told the issue was being escalated to a case manager and that I should hear back directly in 2-3 days from them. I asked for a follow up number or name and was told it was not available. After 4 days I called back and explained my situation again. The rep apologized and claimed she was escalating it to a "level above case managers” ( I dont know how true this is), again asked for follow up information and was told I had to wait for a call back. After another week of waiting to no avail, I called again! Asked to speak with supervisor right away, informed them of the situation gave them my service request number and all they offered to do was the same thing the previous rep had done and mentioned to me that there were no notes in the system indicating the previous request. I am absolutely at my wits end with Lenovo. I am astonished that the general service and followup of a large company could be this attrocious. Howver, after not much reading on this forum and online apparently I am far from alone. Is there anyone here that can take a look at this matter and possibly offer some assistance/resolution?

E565: HAL Error 12: Firmware Corrupts Memory on Power Transition

E565 (20EY) BIOS 1.17 (April 18 2017) was supposed to correct HAL error 12: The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system.


However the error still occurs with the current BIOS 1.21 (January 10 2018) on Windows 7 Professional with 8GB RAM and all the latest MS, AMD and Lenovo updates.


Will this be corrected by the latest microcode from AMD to fix the Spectre problem?


Chance of getting a Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2018 without defective pixel or dust under screen equals 0?



I recently ordered the new Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2018 with i7-8550U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and HDR Display (Campus Edition). The first unit had two red glowing pixels and dust between the digitizer and the display layer. So I sent it back and ordered a new one – this one was even worse, much more dust under the screen (seen as dark black spots). See my other post for pictures.

Yeah, I sent it back and so one and so one. In total had four devices. 3/4 had red glowing pixels. 3/4 had dust under the screen.


That is not acceptable for such a premium device.

Idea pad 310 15 ABR Bluetooth problem

I am trying to connect my Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones to my Idea Pad by blue tooth.  After some time, blue tooth shows them to be paired but cannot connect.  The B&W PX appears in ‘Other Devices’ not in ‘Audio’.

I have tried various fixes such as updating drivers etc but no luck. Drivers set to automatic and in the list of drivers Bowers & Wilking PX is shown.

The same headphones connected to my previous Idea Pad and connect to my phone.  On my previous Idea Pad the PX appeared in both ‘Other Devices’ and ‘Audio’

The Idea pad has no problem connecting to my Bowers & Wilkins T7 Speaker by blue tooth.

Please can someone help as this is very frustrating.

Many thanks

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