Multiplayer update?

I am digging the new update to be able to play holochess using the iPhone ARKit. But holochess is a 2 player game and it just doesn’t feel right being only able to play against a computer. I think that it would be a very interesting update if I could play holochess against my friends and family. It would be even more fun if the combat recieves a multiplayer update, because dueling with friends and family seems like it would be very very fun.

Lenovo yoga 510 won’t turn on

When I try to turn on my Lenovo yoga 510-14AST a white light appears beside the power button but disappears after 5 seconds. The charging light appears when I plug the charger in but nothing happens on the screen. Please help ASAP as I need to study for my university exams 

K6 Gyroscope?

Does the K6 have a gyroscope? I want to use it with a virtual reality headset.

Lenovo G50-45 processor fault


My lenovo laptop G50-45 with AMD A8 & 8gb RAM, Machine number 80E300FSIN is not working due to graphics issue that is inbuilt with processor. So need to change my motherboard that is embedded with processor. I got 2 questions

1. Need to know wheather i can change to Intel motherboard (I3 / I4 processor) intead of my current AMD A8 motherboard

2. If yes, needed the part number for the intel motherboard.

Buy a T-580 without Windows ?

Hi, I would love to know if it’s possible to buy a free DOS lenovo thinkpad T580. Thanks.

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