Microsoft and Adobe Updates for March 2018

Microsoft Updates

The March security release consists of 75 CVEs:
14 are listed as Critical
61 are rated Important in severity.
For details see:




Adobe Updates

Adobe has released Version of Adobe Flash Player.
These updates address critical vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution affecting  earlier versions.


Windows 8 and above will receive the update via Windows Update.
Direct downloads for Windows 7 and earlier are here:

Internet Explorer:

Plugin-based browsers (Firefox etc):

PPAPI/Pepper-Chromium based:


* Note: If your download includes an option for a toolbar or trial software, UNcheck it if you do not want it.


Adobe AIR


Y Gaming Mouse – Cursor Slow

I tried looking up the SN but it came up with nothing. Dunno if support is gone for this, but the SN is XXXXXXXX (with a space at the end, just before XX). I tried searching for this issue as well, but the only question I found had a response for the guy to call in. He’d answered that the page he was directed to did not recognize his SN and provided no number to call. The same support guy responded again to go to that same page. So, dead end. (


Problem is, the cursor moves around very slowly when using her mouse. I’ve tried hitting all the buttons, switching what computer we’re using it on, installed the software for it and changing settings there, resetting it all to defaults, nothing I’ve tried has worked so far. Any suggestions?


Admin Edit: Removed the S/N since its personal information which could be misused.

M710 SFF

Would someone kindly let me know if M710 SFF ( 10M7000GUS ) can support 2 more drives:  1 x 2.5 " and 1 x 3.5" drive.  This machine already has a 512GB SSD M.2 PCIe installed.    Thanks

How to update MTM in BIOS of YOGA 900 13ISK2

I replaced the motherboard in my Lenovo Yoga Series 900, updated the BIOS, but the Product ID and Serial Number needs to be updated in the BIOS.   On this model, how can I update this information.  Everything works fine, but I would like to run the update utility, and it always fails because of this missing information.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

What fan for a W520 type 4720?

I’m flummoxed by the parts ordering system.  My W520 overheats and I’m going to open it up, clean, and replace the fan.  Which one should I order?  Thanks for your help.

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