Load W2008R2 using Easystartup and get message "No human readable MCE decoding support on this CPU"

I am trying to load Windows 2008 R2 on RD330 (4304E3U) using Easystartup 3.7.19 and i get the following continuous errors:

No human readable MCE decoding Support on this CPU Type

Run the message through "mcelog –ascii’ to decode.

these two lines keep repeating

I have used this cd to install same os on other RD330’s and have never seen this message.

This server was in production for about two years with no issues and is being repuposed so i am fairly certain the hardware is ok.

Any clues or insight would be greatly appreciated

Laptop screen keeps dimming (IdeaPad 310)

I have an IdeaPad 310.

The screen keeps dimming on its own, sometimes every few seconds, sometimes after a good while.

When I click F11 or F12 the screen quickly shows what the brightness should be before brightening (F12) or dimming (F11) as if the first dimming didn’t happen.

I went to the power options –> enable adaptive brightness but both of them are off.

Thanks in advance.

Request For Advice on replace W510

If you were replacing a W510 (which I am), would you purchase a W530 or W540 as a replacement?

G570 Bios update for Meltdown.. is this being provided

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G570 Bios update for Meltdown.. is this being provided

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