(Frames per second ) droped a lot while gaming so I went to a professional and he told me that the amd graphics card wanted knew cooling paste so he changed it 
it ran smoothly for 2 weeks and then whenever I start the windows it shows me the blue screen of death and restarts endlessly for different errors
so I went back to the pro and he told me that the card broke and it needs to be replaced 
I know it sounds strange but where I live I can’t just buy a new laptop, so I need to fix my problem 
Right now to be able to use the laptop, I disable the amd graphics card and If I enabled it, the pc goes crazy ( overheats without even using it ) and shows me the blue screen of death 
So I want to Know what parts do I need to buy, to restore the laptop ?
these are its specs 
Lenovo z51-70
amd r9 m375 4gb
intel core I7 5500u 2.4 gb
8gb ram 

Where can I get Lenovo P2 charger?

Hi, probably I have lost my Lenovo P2 charger, it’s bad, cuz It has been really good charger and I want to know where can I buy the same cuz I can’t find any replacement :/

Thank You in advance. 

X1 Extreme SLI?

Hello, I got a Thinkpad X1 Extreme and it looks like it has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports on it. I know Lenovo offers an eGPU for this system and I was wondering if there was any benefits to connecting more than 1 GPU to it, such as SLI capability. Does anyone have any experience with this? I know that one eGPU could probably connected, such as a 1080GTX, but it looks like Thunderbolt 3 has less (40Gb/s vs 64Gb/s concurrently) concurrent throughput than PCIe. I’m trying to figure out what options there are to connect eGPUs to this system and what the most cost effective ones are.

Flex 4 1580 wont power on after battery reset



When I press power, the power light comes on for a few seconds, then goes dark.  No keyboard lights, fans, etc turn on at all during this time.  Note that if i plug in the charge, the charger light on the side of the laptop does light up.


Things I’ve tried:

Opened the laptop to pull the battery out, held down the power for 30 secs, then replugged, still nothing.

I’ve plugged in the charger without the batterty, still nothing


Does this sound like a motherboard issue?

Lenovo Tab3 7 essential and SD card

Hello – I’ve tried finding my answer on the forums and think I have found it, but wanted to check I have got it right!


Ive got a Tab 3 7 essential with 8GB. I got a 64GB SD card to get more memory and thought I’d understood how to sort this before I got the card.


But now seems like I can’t set the card up as internal storage because the tablet is running 5.1 and theres no way to upgrade to 6.


Therefore using the card will give me a little bit more space by moving (data from) apps and maybe photos – but won’t really make much difference. And some say moving any apps to the card is not a good idea?


Is this right?!! Help if you can! Thanks. 

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