Lenovo P2a42 screen went black while charging

Hello ,

My pdone screen went black while charging then the phone cannot charge or open, i tried to open it, held the volume button and power button to force start in recovery mode also with no luck, is there any idea of what it may be?

Volume down key not working in lenovo k8 plus

Suddenly power key, volume up and down key in lenovo k8 plus stopped working, as i uninstalled uc browser, power key and volume up key started to work but volume down key still not working. What is the issue i dont know. Solve non working of volume down key? 

New Yoga 730 battery drains too fast


This is my fist post here. 


I bough new Lenovo Yoga 730 a few days back. The battery life isn’t even 3 hours. I have turned Background apps off, set it to Battery saver mode, still it is draining too fast. Is my notebook faulty? 


The screen brightness is also not very good. Unless I put it on 100% bright, the quality is poor. 




Linux on Lenovo MiiX 320-10ICR



I tried to install some versions of linux and the only that seemed to work for me with some bugs and freezes was lubuntu.

Has anyone succeeded to install a linux version and made it fully operational without freezes? If so please some pointers would be appretiated.


MIIX 320-10ICR install W10



If you tried to install other OS in this tablet and want to install back W10 you have to do this way:


1- boot with a usb W10 recovery disk that you can create with any W10

2- select command line and enter diskpart command

3- execute command -> select disk *(the number of the disk probably 0)

4- execute command -> clean

5- execute command -> convert gpt

6- exit and install the W10 with a usb

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