Today i got my new laptop Lenovo Legion Y520 and after playing 1 game in Leageu of legends (20 min) my eyes absolutely hurt . My old laptop was also lenovo and i could easily go 24 hours straight playing without and pain in my eyes . Shouldi return the laptop ?

lenovo g500 bsod after ssd install

Hi everyone, I am in ownership of Lenovo g500 laptop. I recently bought a crucial mx500 250gb to replace my old failing WD 250gb HDD.

I cloned the data to SSD with Acronis software which makes the partition too as I hear, and when i replace the disc with SSD, i experience blue screen with stop error 0x0000001E, I tried reinstalling SATA controller but no luck.


the blue screen occurs when it boots up. I can stay 10 seconds in safe mode before it goes blue again, to see messages as drivers installed, one of them is  intel sata ahci controller that was reinstalled, version.


What could be the fix to this problem? can any other driver be the issue? I am searching the net for similar issues but problem persists i cannot use the ssd.

45W charger with X1C1 ?

Hi All,


Can I use a 45W charger (45N0293) with a 1st gen X1 carbon ?. 


The parts list only specifies 65W and 90W, but I don’t need rapid charge, and most other similar laptops (X1 gen2, 3 etc, T440(s), T430s, T431s, etc) can use 45W chargers.  I have a 65W charger on order but just wondering if I can get away with using a 45W in the meantime ?.



aio 700-24ish bad usb drivers ?


I recently purchased this beautiful ‘second-hand [ex-display – not much used] computer [or so I thought!].


After a week using it, I started to have USB disconnections with ANY port and ANT device.

This is pure disconcerning as I used quite a few devices that I KNOW work fine – i.e. HDDs, GOOD QUALITY game controllers and headphones + other devices used in Astro Photography.

I am utterly angry now and being a electronics and IT technician, I have rarely seen a computer this bad [on USB].

Even after I checked and updated the whole needed updates, including Intel and used their own driver checker – nothing has changed.

Game Controllers disconnect in the middle of a game and mine is Flight Simulator – i.e it needs precision, never mind disconnecting!

In astrophotography I have devices that reply on continuous connection and ruined a few nights already so much, I might have to go and see a psicologist!

So, having said that, dear LENOVO – what the heck are you going to do to fix it ASAP ? IF I ever get a reply?

… no, my devices are fine and drivers are fine too!





ADDITION – just noticed upon checking …


MANY devices and looking into Properties/Events give a:
Device USB******************** requires further installation.

WHY? That is probably the problem!

Miix 510-12IKB Tablet USB-C to HDMI adpater not working



I have a MIIX 510-12IKB Tablet and have been using a USB Type-C Male to HDMI/USB 3.0/USB-C Adapter which has been working for some time now. All of a sudden it stopped working, possibly after a Windows update I can’t be 100% sure.


I have tried to reinstalled Windows 10 using the media creation tool, download and install all the drivers from the lenovo website, updated the BIOS. I have even tried another USB-c to HMDI adapter (not lenovo branded) and they aslo do not work.  From search around it seems there are several other users experiencing the same problem problem but nothing has offered a solution to the issue.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated

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