Legion Y720-15IKB Type 80VR internal ssd

Hey! I looked in Amazon for a new internal SSD, and I want to buy this one. It’s 2.5 inches and SATA 3, but it says that it’s not sure it will fit.
Can someone help me decide if I should buy it?

k8 note Protection Gorilla glass broked

I purchased a Lenovo k8 note 02/11/2018 and this is under warranty.so please let me know that if my mobile fell down on the floor from my hand  and incase  it’s Gorilla glass protection is broke, so did this glass will be change in the warranty. Yes OR No

Please tell me 

Thank you

Thinkpad T430 got wet



my laptop got wet in my backpack due to a little bottle not properly closed.

It just have taken few drops, but it was in stand-by mode and after my new logon, it started to show problems, as some screen blinking or strange video signals, temporary black screens and DVD-ROM that continously open without the possibility to close it.

It definitevely turned off without my possibility to power-on again after a reboot attempt.

After some hours, I was able to power on again the laptop, and now  the only symptom seems to be unwanted random stand-by with black screen.

Someone can suggest me a procedure-test to discover if the motherboard could be irredeemably damaged?


Thank you,


K4 Note System Updates

Do update the the lenovo k4 note…. It has been long time since you people provided the system update…… 

Do update some thing so that we can see new interferace in the lenovo phone…. 

ThinkSmart Hub 500 – Fan noise

Dear all,


SRSv2 update has a new feature "Display content on both Front of Room displays on dual screen systems", the shared content (HDMI In) is now displayed on both displays. Nice feature, but the fan in our Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is now much louder when we use the HDMI-In. Maybe this is something which could be fixed by optimizing the system firmware and fan management.




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