laptop isnt connecting to my mobile hotspot

my lenovo ideapad 330 isn’t connecting to a particular mobile hotspot but it connect all other network wifi.

When i use my lenovo p1ma40 mobile hotspot , my laptop wifi doesn’t shows the wifi and cannot be connected.

But it was not since when i purchase my lap, this issue was after few months.

any body thus has the same issues.

Lenovo Legion T730-28ICO 90JF0074MH randomly freezes for 1-3 seconds

My newly bought computer (8 days old) has been randomly freezing for 1-3 seconds locking up everything including the sound.

This has happened multiple times the past week.



Intel Core i7-9700K

Intel Z390

16 GB DDR4


GeForce RTX 2070


Nothing is overclocked, no settings have been changed.

I seen this problem being adressed before on this forum without a solution.


Lenovo 310 15ISK USB port

A power supply was inadvertently plugged into the left hand blue coloured USB port and it seems it actually smoked. Unsurprisingly nothing happens with laptop now. No lights or fan noise. 

1. I am guessing the USB port is toasted, but wondering weather anything else is gone as well. 

2. Can the USB port be replaced.

3. Any guidance how difficult this would be.


Thank you


Brand New 10" Smart Display. Hello Nest, Outgoing Audio Calls not working and low volume issue


I would like to your kind notice that I am facing low voice call problem during receiving and making calls to others. From today , this problem is happened. I have done online diagnosis test through lenovo help app. But problem didn’t detect. Please help me solve this issue because I have to make very urgent calls during a day.

Thunderbolt C docking for dual display monitor (T480s)

Dear All,


I am trying to use thunderbolt C to connect to two external monitors for a Lenovo T480s laptop. To do that, I used a Wavlink Thunderbolt C to dual display (HDMI) adapter ( While the adapter detects one of the monitor and works, it is unable to show the second monitor. The problem is that it detects only one monitor and cannot display in both of them. After reading several posts here, I disabled thunderbolt security from boot menu, restarted the laptop several times with and without the adapter connected. However, nothing seems to work !! Please suggest a possible solution and please let me know what will be the best low budget dual display dock/adapter for Lenovo T480s.




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