I have a Lenovo K8 Plus and I need to disable the noise reduction or noise suppression.

When I’m livestreaming from my phone or recording something with a guitar the noise reduction totally ruins the sound.

How can I disable it?

IdeaPad 530S wifi drops, extremely slow internet

So I bought this thing on April 28th, recieved it May 2nd, and it has been making me want to rip my hair out ever since. It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach that I actually spent all of this money on this thing.

The wifi drops constantly. I’ve tried different connections, same thing. I bought this to use for school and it isn’t possible to get anything done.

The internet is also EXTREMELY slow. As in, I pay for 100mbps, and I get 1.5mbps. It took me 3 HOURS just to download Chrome. Just watching a video on YouTube buffers every 2 seconds. 

I’ve tried all of the common fixes that show up when I search the issue, such as installing the latest driver and selecting max performance in settings. I have no idea what else to do. I’m sure I’m past the return window already. What are my options here? I bought a Lenovo because they were supposed to be more dependable, and it runs worse than an Acer I bought 10 years ago

Can Legion Y530 operate with battery removed?

I bought an Y530 gaming laptop in march and today (3 july) I tried to start it on battery and noticed that it’s not doing anything… In windows, the battery percentage stays at 89% and not charging and the Vantage app says the battery is in poor condition. This is verry odd because I just updated my Windows to version 1903 and ran the hw tests in Vantage app and at that time ( 4 days earlier) everything seemed fine, the battery was in good condition. What’s also odd it’s that, in the Vantage app, the battery voltage shows 12,23 V which seems to be charged(ish) for a 11.34 lithium battery. So it’s not discharged past the point of no return, and still the laptop refuses to power up. I removed the battery and measured on the connector with a multimeter and it gives no voltage at all between any of the red-black wires. I can’t take it to warranty because the provided warranty service (Depanero Bucharest) is breaking electronics on purpose to void the warranty then asks for money to repair the product. My laptop is still working and I don’t want to take it to them and waste 800 euro on nothing. If you know nothing on how to solve this, than I will buy a new battery…but until then I want to know if it’s better to operate the laptop with or without the battery inside to avoid damaging any MB components  (charging circuit or any other power supply components on the MB). If replacing the battery is the only option, please help me find  a place from where I can buy it and ship it to Romania in one piece. Thank you very much for your time!


Best regards!

Postaru Dan Alexandru

LENOVO THINKPAD T420s not detecting any SIM-card

Guys, my lenovo thinkpad t420s isnt detecting any sim card i put inside. What might be the cause?

How to Upgrade to Intel 9260 install on Yoga Pro 2

How do you whitelist the intel 9260 (non-vPro) on a yoga pro 2, cannot boot unless I disable wifi in the bios.  I puchased this to upgrade bluetooth from Intel 7260 to BT5 (which works great now) however the PC will not boot saying the card wifi card is not recognized



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