T450 WWAN is installed but not functionnal



I have a T450 laptop (20BV001BFR), and I would like to use the WWAN connection but when I insert my SIM card on the dedicated slot nothing happen.

On the windows network panel I dont have any menu for the WWAN setting. I have check the existence of the module on the device manager and Lenovo Solution center:

I have also an IMEI stickers in the laptop




Many thanks for your help



unable to add user Iomega StorCenter ix2-200d Nas

can i hard boot how to do so ? Data is not important if i lose it no matter i want to reconfigure this device(Iomega storCenter ix4-200d NAS.

SCCM Driver packs missing?

I can see that Lenovo has redesigned the support pages.


I need the SCCM driver packs for Lenovo laptops – is dosent seem to exist anymore? 


All i get when I visit the old pages, is the new support homepage – and SCCM driver packs dont seem to be listed here…


Anyone…help? 🙂

Supervisor Password greyed out in BIOS

I recently acquired a Lenovo W530, however on startup it is asking for a password to move forward. I got this password from my supplier, however when I go into the BIOS to turn off the password protection, it says ‘Can’t remove when Supervisor Password is set’ – meanwhile the Supervisor password change option is greyed out.


Is the password I have only the Power On password, with a separate Supervisor password that I don’t have?


Is there any way to remove the Supervisor password if you don’t have it (other than replacing the motherboard)?

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