Intermittent critical battery shut down. X380

So, I’ve been having this problem since I bought this X380. For no apparent reason the critical battery screen flashes up and beeps 3 times and turns of my laptop. It happens intermittently but almost very time I go into the battery gauge test screen. I’m running Bios 1.16 and I reset the battery gauge test several times but it hasn’t stopped the problem.

Any Ideas guys?

Thininstaller will not install Intel Management Engine 11.8 Firmware – 7 [32,64]/8.1/10 [64]

Hi all

Thininstaller will not install Intel Management Engine 11.8 Firmware – 7 [32,64]/8.1/10 [64].
The External dependencies command is mefwdetect.exe /fw but this wil return code 1 instead of 0



When i check with MEinfoWin it shows that it is already updated.

Why is the package detection not working?




Bamboo ink on Yoga 510

Hello,before any of you say this is the wrong forum, i tried to put this forum up on the wacom forums where it should be, but registering an account on their website is like trying to drown a fish, it’s impossible.


Anyway, hopefully any of you can help me out here, I just bought a lenovo Yoga 510 for college and thought it would be great for graphics design, i did a little research and saw that the yoga 520 was listed under supported devices, and i might’ve been wrong to assume this but i thought if only one of each series (500, 700, 900) was listed, then they all must, plus i didnt think wacom could test every computer, but im stumped, as it doesnt seem to work.


Ive tried everything imaginable, enabling windows ink manually, trying to install the drivers (doesn’t work, they don’t detect a compatiable device ???) disconnecting and re-connecting the pen, and there are ZERO forums asking this very question, which is why ive been struggling so much


so, does the Bamboo Ink support the Yoga 510? if so, then what am I doing wrong? any help is appreciated 🙂

Lenovo g570 suddenly stopped working.


My laptop madel is Lenovo g570 It suddenly stopped working while I am working on it. Its is also not showing any response on using power button is it dead.
plsplspls!!! need suggestions.

YOGA X1 2nd gen – camera settings

Good morning,


Since some time, probably following an update, I noticed that during using Skype my own camera picture was mostly too dark and didn’t adapt to changing light conditions. It took me ages to find the camera settings (Lenovo Vantage – hardware settings – camera settings). Now I can adjust brightness and contrast manually but the "automatic" check box is greyed out. Why is that? Can anyone help to get it back to automatic? Is there a registry setting?







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