So I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad L340 and the mousepad doesn’t have two finger tap for right-click (only two-finger click). I have tried updating and uninstalling drivers, but nothing changes. I also don’t have the Synaptics control tab in mouse settings. Anyone know a solution?


I also can’t use 3 fingers to swipe back in browser

t480 middle button doesn't scroll

The middle button no longers scrolls through a window. It DOES, however, works as a middle button when I change its function to that.

lenovo V145-15AST Laptop bad performance

Hi . I brought lenovo v145 before few days ago , i have huge fps drops on leaugue of legends , and even when i watch youtube videos the cpu jumps to 100%  . Is it normal ?

[Lenovo ideacentre 310S-08ASR] Can I to buy a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 low profile?

I need to improve the graphics performance of my computer.

E480 Windows 10 Blue print

I usualy get a blue print when the laptop is waking up from sleep state. After restart blue print doesn’t appear. 

Blue print says there is something wrong with Netwtw04.sys driver.

I’ve updated all the drivers but nothing changed.


The picture of blue print is attached.

Please, help me to handle it!

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