After updating my Ideapad 520-15IKB with 8th Gen Core i5 I’ve noticed regular freezes almost all the time. Also the temperature of the CPU gets quite high and CPU has max. frequency almost all the time (even on battery) which means poor battery life. 


At the end I had to revert my laptop to 1709. Now I’m waitng for more stable update.

Upgrade mother board G50-70

Hello everyone.


Previously, sorry for my bad english, can you grade my english please? thank you, i’m french.


I come to you because I have a Lenovo G50-70 with a CPU i3-4010U and an AMD graphics card that overheats. And i would know if i can replace this MB with one who has a CPU i7-4558U for the same model of PC.


Thanks for your answer.

Hidden hard disk


I have tried to install Ubuntu, but the only detected memory is the booteable usb. Gparted doesn’t detect the internal hard disk of my lenovo Yoga Book 520.

Does anyone know why the disk isn’t detected?

K8 Note After oreo update wifi turns on automatically

Since the update, when I am at home, if I manually turn wifi off to use data (I have valid reasons!) it automatically turns on again after a few seconds. It’s also constantly searching for new WiFi networks. I read elsewhere that automatic WiFi connection is an oreo feature. Those articles also referred to a setting which turns it off, but I can’t find it. Anyone got any suggestions? 


Admin note; phone type added to subject; this might be a relevant point in 6 months

G50-70 – Can t boot from A stick

When i try to boot from a stick it doesn t work.

I ve done everything in bios

Please help me


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