Ideapad 100-15 IBD charging concern

Hello community,


Recently I got a new battery charger after the original had a few problems. After I plugged in the new charger and tried booting my laptop up, only a quick red blinking came from it. I’m not sure if it means it needs time to charge or something. And No, when the charger is plugged in no light comes from it, just the red blink when I push the power button.


To preface, the new charger came in with it’s own cable for a outlet, I plugged it in first with the new cable and anything and no sign of life, after I swapped the outlet cable to the old one the blinking red light appeared when pressing the power button.


Thank you from advance for any help or input.

Vimicro Camera – error code 39 – ThinkPad L540

Hi Guys,

with the installation of windows 10_1809 the camera reports the error 39 "Windows can not load the device driver for this hardware, the driver may be damaged or missing (code 39)". Reinstalling the Lenovo driver did not help. With the Windows driver (version 10.0.17763.404) the computer reports no error.

Is the Vimicro driver in the Version 5.15.728.3 for W10_1809?

Charger identifikacion

My father brought me this tablet pc and told me that the charger is dead so if someone could tell me where i can buy a new one I would realy apriciate it. The end connector is round.

Issues with BIOS update with SCCM task sequences



We’re seeing some odd behavior when trying to upgrade the BIOS on ThinkCentre M720q devices. We are calling a powershell script which basically executes the following line:

Flash64.cmd /quiet /sccm


The BIOS upgrade seems to execute as expected and complete successfully in the task sequence. However, it never seems to reach phase 2. We have a reboot step immediately after the upgrade step, and the BIOS upgrade never kicks in. Looking at the system event log in the BIOS, I can see an entry saying "BIOS updated" with a corresponding timestamp, but the version string is still the same. I have noticed the following behavior:

– If I boot into WinPE and execute the script manually and reboot manually (i.e.  run "restart-computer" with powershell) the update works

– If we use "wpeutil shutdown" as a task sequence post action, the update works


I seem to recall that in the past,  the only way to initiate the second phase of the upgrade was to send a full shutdown signal (the "wpeutil shutdown" part). However, reading the readme for the BIOS package states the following:


*     /sccm is designed for BIOS update deployment when the administrator   *
*     wants to manually control the system reboot after first BIOS phase    *
*     update has finished. With the parameter "/sccm", the system won’t     *
*     reboot immediately after applying the first phase of the BIOS update. *
*     The administrator must REBOOT/SHUTDOWN the system later to trigger    *
*     the secondary phase of the BIOS update. 


*     4. The REBOOT option is only supported when the system is in UEFI     *
*        mode. In LEGACY mode a SHUTDOWN is required to complete the flash  *
*        process.                                                           *


As I understand, it should be possible to update with a reboot. However, with a reboot initiated from an SCCM task sequence, this is not the case. Am I missing something here?


Our ThinkCentre devices are configured in UEFI mode with Secure Boot enabled, and CSM is disabled. We are trying to update to the newest version (M1UKT47A) from M1UKT45A.




L420 wireless stuck disabled

I mashed my keyboard trying to find the windows mobility center to disable wifi to save battery on a long train ride yesterday. Never did find it and gave up. When I got to my hotel, I found my wifi was apparently disabled. Apparently I unknowingly accomplished my mission! Problem is, now I can’t re-enable it. Fn-f5 doesn’t work, and enable wireless is greyed out in the windows mobility center. I haven’t tinkered with drivers/software yet, and I’m hoping I won’t have to given the circumstances. 


Also, I followed/matched this thread (minus install/update stuff ofc):


What do you think? Will it live? Anybody know the secret keyboard shortcut I’m hoping exists?

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