I have lenovo ideapad 110-15AST 1Tb harddisk 8gb for ram. But its not giving 100% speed.

My laptop is not giving its full speed i am using emulator to play PUBGM. Even though it has 8gb ram its not working properly. Even the normal working is not fast 

Thunderbolt 3 Dock & Thunderbolt Graphics Dock Problems with T480

I have a new T480 Thinkpad, and have both a Thunderbolt 3 Dock and a Thunderbotl Graphics dock (both lenovo). 


I have pretty much everything running, but I’ve had problems when running external dispalys. On the TB3 dock, I drive just one Ultrawide 34" monitor. On the TGD, I drive 3 24" Dell displays. Both docks exhibit the same exact problem, and that is the screens flicker on off a few times, then seem to take the whole computer down. I’ve updated my BIOS, drivers, TB software, TB firmware, and anything else I can think of. Nothing weird in event viewer, I’ve unpluged all perhiperals, etc. Used both regular TB cable that came with the docks, and a third party one too. 


The weirdest part is if I keep my laptop plugged in to my T480 (the 65w one), and keep the dock powered, this problem goes away (at least on the TB3 dock.. haven’t tested this on the TGD).


Anyone encounter anything similar and have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. 

Cast screen not working on my phone

Shift F3 doesnt work for change Case




This is making me crazy.  Shift F3 isn’t working as Change Case, like the command does on every other PCor laptop I’ve ever used. It appears to control volume – in fact, type F3 with any function key and it’s still volume control.   I called Lenovo once and the "tech suppport" guy didn’t have a clue about Shift F3 should do and the fact on Lenovo it only controled volume. 


I was suppose to receive a call back from Lenovo "in 4 minutes" over an hour ago.  My aggravation is in the red zone.





These factory popup ads are endangering my unmanned aircraft flights

I bought two Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus tablets to use as a flight controller for my FAA licensed Unmanned Arial Vehicle operation, but the pop-up ads that the tablets were loaded with have almost caused a crash of the aircraft during flight operations.


How can I get rid of freakin ads before the aircraft is lost or someone gets seriously hurt???

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