I have andriod N not interested to Oreo . Is there any one who don’t want to update to Oreo 

T580 boots to a blank screen after BIOS changes

Brand new T580 here, bought to run Qubes OS.

Played around with Windows 10 for a while, downloaded the Qubes iso, put it on the stick, etc, the usual routine.

Tried to boot from it, without success.

Entered BIOS, played around with various settings, among others disabling secure boot and I *think* setting some video related parameter from 256 to 512. Also changed to boot order to have the USB HDD boot second after Windows.

Anyway, saved my settings, tried to boot and got a blank screen. The only things that light up by default are the power and the Esc/FnLock leds, nothing else.

The computer responds to Ctrl-Alt-Delete by rebooting, again to a blank screen.

All other LEDs such as CapsLock etc light up, USB ports provide power (tried to connect an Android phone and it started charging)

So I tried holding power button for X amount of seconds, I tried the emegency-reset pin – nothing, still a blank screen on boot.

I removed the back plate, tried to boot without RAM, tried resetting it and setting it in another slot.

I tried removing the coin-button battery and the internal battery for about a minute, I tried to boot without the coin-button battery installed.

I tried to connect the computer to an external screen via HDMI – still nothing. I do not have a Thunderbolt/USB3 capable monitor to test the other video output.

Not sure what else I can try. Start to think that the changed I’ve done have nothing to do with the problem at hand, it was just a coincidence. Some online searches, among others on these forums show however that others had similar problems. But I just can’t understand how changing some BIOS values would lead to T580 booting up to a blank screen. The screen does power up, it just does not display anything.

Where is OS installed

I’m going to buy an M710 Tiny. Two questions: If I get one with both a Hard Drive and a 256M SSD, where does Lenovo install Windows 10? 


Also, if I get 8G of RAM, is it on one device or two? (So I can add 8M later if needed.)



Kids mode and Youtube


Have tab 4. Want to install YouTube on kids mode. It says “parental guidance”. Tried to install but the app doesn’t appear anywhere?


Any suggestions?



boot/recovery media for Yoga Tablet 2 (1051F)

How are people creating boot/recovery media? I read here that SD cards are not bootable. If true, then what sort of USB stick works? Do I use USB OTG device? Normal USB memory stick with micro USB-USB adapter? Can I use a hub so I can charge while booting?



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