H420: no display after adding RX 550 (black, blank screen)

Hello guys !  I have the system Lenovo H420 with serial number xxxxx, i bought the gpu rx 550 4gb but when i installed on this system i got black screen,no signal,gpu running but with black screen,no keyboard,no mouse on.  Any idea how to solve it ? I have PSU 450 W power supply and i5 2320.


Mod:  edited the text to obscure the serial number to prevent it’s unauthorized use (per forum guidelines); and Subject line to include GPU model and problem description

10" Smart Display blurry/not loading Google stock images

I recently purchased a 10" Smart Display after purchasing a Google Home Hub over the holidays. I have both set to play Google featured photos while in ambient mode, however the Google device has no issues while the Lenovo starts off fine but after cycling through a few photos it starts having issues loading the next photo with a spinning circle over a blurry photo. I’ve rebooted, tried switching to one of the clocks and then go back to the Google photos etc but it keeps doing the same thing. The Google device doesn’t have this problem. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least one other person here with this issue. Fix on the way?

X1 Yoga – G3 – 20LD – Windows PE 10 via LanDesk – No USB

Hi all.


Got a new 20LD X1 Yoga Model in. Added the WinPE pack of drivers.


I get into PE just fine. The drivers in the PE pack load fine.



Problem is – No keyboard, no mouse, no network. I can’t DRVLoad to figure out what network driver I am missing because no KB/M.


There are no KB/M drivers listed anywhere for this device. I’m going maybe try to load the chipset driver into PE from the SCCM pack but assuming that will do nothing.



What am I missing? Help. This is the first time out of 40 models of devices I have ever had such an issue (did not even have this issue with 2nd gen Yoga).





T450s bluetooth gone – Windows 7

I wanted to hook up some bluetooth headphones to my laptop, and I just couldn’t get them to connect. Reading suggested that I needed to update drivers. So I did, from the Lenovo official driver page. 


Doing this messed up ALL my bluetooth functionality, so I tried to update drivers again, disable/enable in device manager, and even download different drivers. Eventually stumbled on BIOS update solution. This worked. 


Turn on laptop today, bluetooth has completely disappeared again. No drivers in Device Manager, nothing. It’s like bluetooth has been erased from my computer. 


Funnily enough, pressing "F8" to bring up my radio situation shows that Bluetooth is on and doing better than ever. This is a facade.


I’ve tried the USB Root Hub enable/disable solution, tried updating (again) all drivers, tried re-updating BIOS (it wouldn’t let me, it’s already updated). Tried all combinations of troubleshooting. I can’t system restore (company-default anti-virus is getting in the way), and I’ve tried almost everything that can result from googling my problem 20 different times in 20 different ways. 


Company wants to order me a new computer entirely. I just want my mouse to work.

P330 SFF – PCIE adapter for M2 SSD


I have just bought a P330 SFF and realise that I need a PCIe adapter to fit a second M2 NVME SSD. Can anyone advise me on a suitable product?

What specs in particular do I need to watch out for


Thanks in advance

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