Lenovo have just updated my X1 Carbon

After this, if I typed " I got @

Fixed this by reconfigering keyboard

Know when I type " nothing happens, so I need to press it again. Then I get ""

How do I get the keyboard to return " when I press it once?


Thanks Lenovo

700-15ISK Laptop Advices on using other HDD or SDD to replace Seagate HDD

I have a question regarding replacing a non-working HDD (ST500LT012-1DG142) in my 700-15ISK Laptop (ideapad).

X1 Extreme Hybrid dock low power slowdown

I have a new Thinkpad X1 Extreme that I use for development (virtual machines, remote connections, dev env suites etc.) and I experience regular extreme slowdowns (mouse cursor lags several centimeter on screen). When I looked at the processes everything seems fine (<50% Cpu, memory).


When I look at the clock speeds and power use I notice that during a slowdown the CPU clocks down to 800Mhz that is likely the cause (see left side of the picture). I also notice that power use never goes over 35W which seems very low. I have the computer connected to the Hybrid USB-C/A dock with the included USB-C-cable.


When I disconnect the dock and connect the poweradapter (135W) to the computer, it gets ~80W and no longer clocks down (see right side of the picture). So it would seem that it is not getting the 65W that is promised in the dock specs that leads to CPU clocking down. The Lenovo app shows no updates and one solution I guess is another poweradapter and have both connectedat the same time, but any ideas if there’s other solutions?



Laptop working very slow, how to replace it





recently got the y530 two weeks ago. Worked fine the first week, but after that it’s been crashing a lot recently:

The times are random when this happens. Sometimes there’s one hour before it crashes, other times it just takes a couple seconds right after bootup. Strangely enough though, this doesn’t happen when I’m gaming. No matter what game I play. 


I’ve updated every driver I can, be it graphics or display. Also updated the bios when prompted. I even did a full system restore, yet the problem is still there. 

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