Do I have WWAN on my X1 Yoga?


I own X1 Yoga 1st generation (Type: 20FR-S2KF0D  ;  S/N: ******** 17/03).

Could you please tell me if this model has WWAN card and what driver to install in order to be able to use celurar services (SIM card with prepaid data tarif).

Thank you.


Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

Thinkpad X1 carbon 7th generation automatic brightness

I really need to disable the autmatic screen brightness as I am switching between black and white pixels on my screen. The autmatic adjustment on brightness and contrast is horrible. All past generation solutions are not working. I need some professional help.

XClairty Administrator – Can't resolve stored credentials



I have 6 servers managed on my xClarity Adminsitartor. Due to some circumstances we had to change the XCC management password for one of the server. We used stored credentials at the time of adding new servers in Xclarity adminsitrator. Now in the dashboard one server for which XCC management password is changed is showing "Offline". I have added another stored credential to be used for this server but when I try to use it somehow my "edit stored credential" option is disabled. Screenshot attached for reference. What might be the issue. Can some one enlighten me.


















P.S. We are using 90 days trail for Xclairty Administrator.

W701: Win 10 Lenovo Vantage power manager driver error



clean Windows 10 install on a ThinkPad W701. Completely up to date with windows updates.


Just installed Lenovo Vantage from the Microsoft Store which prompted me to download and install the power manager driver which i did.

Now when I go into Vantage and try to see the battery details I get the following error:


Not sure what is wrong, installed the power manager software linked from Vantage.   Not critical but I would like to have the battery functions that the power manager enables.


Any help much appreciated!




Different ways to contact Lenovo support

Hi! I need to contact Levono support. I am waiting a refund, but it seems that they have forgot it. I have only one email to use: I tried to find other ways to contact them, but I didn’t find. Can some one give some suggestions?


I tried their live chat, but I can only enter my email, topic, etc. and then nothing happens.

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