I’m trying to patch a host with OneCLI. If this is successfull I can script this process for approximately one thousand other hosts.


This is what I’ve been attempting:


OneCli update acquire –scope latest –mt 5465 –ostype rhel7 –dir /root/firmware



OneCli update compare –mt 5465 –scope latest –dir /root/firmware/ –bmc USERID:********@ –output /root/oneclicompare/



OneCli update flash –comparexml /root/oneclicompare/Onecli-update-compare.xml –dir /root/firmware –bmc USERID:********@ –sftp root:********@


On the last step, I receive the following error:


Start OOB flashing…

Current flashing ID:lnvgy_fw_uefi_the134l-2.61_anyos_32-64

Start to install package…


    Job State is          : Exception

    Operational Status is : Unknown

    Job Status is         : Sftp user authentication fail for downloading

    Status Description is :


I manually connected to the sftp server from the host using that username and password, and could identify the files we’re looking for. I’m not sure if this error is a red herring pointing at another issue or what’s going on, but it’s making it difficult to update our hosts more efficienty than plugging into each one individually.

Docking station support/update SW – like Vantage

I’m wondering how users are supposed to keep their docking station firmware/software up to date. Normally users would expect some sort of application or web utility that would scan our system/dock and determine what version is currently installed, and if it’s the latest or not. Similar to what Vantage software does in the "System Update" section; and like what Microsoft does with Windows Update. But it doesn’t appear that Lenovo Vantage supports/understands anything about docking stations or their firmware/SW.


Is there some command line utility we’re supposed to use (and save somewhere) from a previous update that will tell us what version FW/SW we have installed, and if there is a more recent update available?


Without such utilities people will either NEVER update, or they will waste a lot of time looking for, downloading, and attempting to install updates that may already be applied.

Restarting and rebooting issue!!

I bought 720s laptop a week ago. For first 2 days it was fine to play games but the problem started on third day. when the game starts it reboot by itself and comes up with bluesreen, which says "your PC ran into a problem and nneds to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then you can restart." At the first time, i thought it was my fault, but it was not. I tried to recovery this laptop using the app instolled on window, but still it did not work. I was told that it could be battery problem which means the component in the laptop has problem. I spended 3weeks to receive the laptop so i do not want to return this because it will take more than 3 weeks. To fix it up, where should i go in Vancouver. Can i get the issue number to fix it up for free?

Miix 10 – No HDMI output

Hey there!

I have a Lenovo Miix 10 tablet, and I also recently bought a microHDMI ->  HDMI passive converter and tried to connect my tab to my TV (LG 32LK455C). But nothing happens. No reaction from Windows (device plugged in sound I mean), when tried to detect other monitors, error message "No monitors detected", tried Win+P, still nothing.


2 HDMI cable, 2 display (the TV and my ASUS VP239H), and not working. I tried my MILC camera (Olympus E-PL7) with the converter and cables, it works fine. So neither the cable, nor the converter is bad.


All drivers are up-to-date. Windows 10 x86 as OS.


Thanks for your help!

How do I get my laptop back form depot service?

I’m frustrated and done with Lenovo depot service – My laptop is stitting in depot saying "no part available".  I have decided to reapir my laptop at my own expense. How do i get back my laptop? I called support and they told me that they will ship it back – still no progress nothing is happening even after few days.. 


please advise – how do i get my laptop back? Do I have to go leagal way?  This is the worst sevice experience I ever had in my whole life.. Unbelievable..

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