I think I created a USB recovery drive but don’t know if I did It properly. Here is some info about it …

Windows disk management shows the following:

Should there be that unallocated space? Here is what drive E has:

Does that look good?



T420 Trackpoint buttons only right click after upgrading to windows 10

I have a T420 which natively runs Windows 7 that I have since upgraded to windows 10

I used the Microsoft driver search to ensure all appropriate drivers are installed and could not since find any additional drivers to install.


The TrackPoint buttons – The left, middle scroll and right click buttons in the middle of the keyboard – will only right click now.

I have gone into the bios and disabled the TrackPoint and since enabled it, to no affect. I have uninstalled the Synaptic drivers and reinstalled them, to no affect.


What’s missing? Why can I no longer use my track point buttons? I dislike the TrackPack buttons because theyre quite small and right at the end of the chassis.


Can anyone provide some assistance?


Ubuntu BBSwitch and display ports



I have ubuntu 19.04 dual booted with windows on my Thinkpad X1 Extreme. After I setup ubuntu on the laptop, I installed bbswitch so I could turn off the dGPU (as I didn’t need it in ubuntu and wanted to save on battery). I save about 6W doing that. My prime profile for proprietary nVidia-418 drivers is set to intel. I wanted to connect an external monitor to the HDMI port, which did not work. After some research I found out that the port is hard-wired to the dGPU, so I decided to order some USB-C to displayport/hdmi cables. But I get the same result. No recognition of the display at all in the system. The cable works fine when booting to windows 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Lenovo Flex 5 crashes but then comes back to life

I have a 2-year old Flex 5 and for months it has been randomly crashing, even BIOS says ‘no hard disk detected’, but then it will magically restart and work for months (until it will have a short period of crashes again). This seems to happen when I physically move the laptop so in talking to a tech person at work we believe it could be a physical issue with the motherboard rather than the hard drive. Has anyone else had this type of problem?

Y740 RGB lightning rotating by default after firmware update

Hey everyone.

I’ve bought a new y740-17 with i7-9750h.

When I first turned it on, keyboard backlight was blue. I went to vintage and installed the updates… Suddenly, instead of static blue light, I’ve got rotating RGB lights, which is kind of annoying. I can turn them off using iCue software, but when I reset my machine, they "dancing lights" come back. Anyway to make the default backlight static again?





I’ve found the solution. Fn + Space fixed the issue.

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