Dad's Ideapad locked with bitlocker after some kind of update

I was visiting my dad for the holidays and he asked for some help with his PC. 3 or 4 weeks ago he said he can’t login anymore. It’s a Lenovo Ideapad 100S.


During boot, we are prompted for a bitlocker recovery key. The problem is my dad doesn’t have a recovery key, nor does he recall setting up bitlocker. I don’t think he would have enabled bitlocker on accident. I thought maybe we would get lucky if he had a microsoft account that he once signed into that backed up his bitlocker key. No luck, I tried his email and phone number and neither accounts are associated with a PC. 


Does the manufacturer enabled bitlocker by default? If so, they must hold the backup keys then right? Also I’ve worked with microsoft and they said I must contact Lenovo. What can I do?

Aux fan Error 135

I have a M800 SFF that on post throws a Error 135 aux2 fan error.  Would someone please tell me which of the 3 fans this is so I can replace it?

Ideapad 700 powering on issue

When I turn on my computer keyboard flashes and the fan starts running, but nothing shows up on the screen, it still remains black. I tried pressing caps lock button and numer lock their light works and it seems like everything works except the screen remains black.


P.S. My computer doesn’t have external battery

Ideapad 530S-14IKB – USBC VGA/HDMI/ETC possible?

Please confirm as to whether it is technically possible (or not) to connect any external screens to an Ideapad 530S via USB-C. I am reading conflicting info on this forum (yes and no).


I did buy a CableCreation CD0410 that has a VGA output – and it does not work. There are no BIOS options and, yes, I uninstalled-reinstalled all related drivers. I can try another hub, but need to be certain that the USB-C port on this machine can provide me with a VGA output.


Many thanks in advance!

Problem Thinkvision X24A with GeForce

Hello everybody.

So basically my problem is that my Lenovo monitor is not making use of the GeForce card. Instead it uses the internal graphics card from Intel. In comparison I have another monitor which detects the card and I can run games on 60FPS on max settings. With the Intel card the FPS drops to blissful 15FPS.

What can be the reason for that? I updated all the drivers. I have win10.


My hardware:

Monitor: Lenovo Thinkvision x24A

Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


Many thanks in advance.



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