CPU Upgrade Lenovo g500s

I upgraded my Lenovo g500s CPU from Intel Celeron 1005m 1.9 ghz to Intel core i3 2350m 2.3 ghz and my laptop keeps shutting off for no reason. No shutting off screen. Can you please help?

Ideapad flex 15 – Hard drive replacement

Hi all, I have the following problem with idea pad as in file posted, if I replace hard drive will this resolve the issue and anyone got any idea of the cost of same?


Many thanks 




Mod’s Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.


Laptop Traceability Software

Good day all,


I have to suggest a Laptop Traceability Software to use with a T480s.

They told me ThinkVantage but do not see the features for Laptop Traceability Software.


Would you so kind to help and suggest a Laptop Traceability Software , preferably a Lenovo one (customer’s request).


Thank you!!


CPU frequency drop/downclock from 3,4Ghz to 1.5Ghz – i5 8250 IDEAPAD 330s 1050GTX.



When I start the game after 10 second the CPU drop down from 3,4GHz to 1,5Ghz  and does not change till I quit the game. (Same issue in Far Cry 5 and Call of duty WW2).


According MSI Afterburn, the temperature is okay around 65-75C.


I tried BIOS update and reinstall or install all driver for lenovo support and nothing help.


Thanks in advance for your help or tips



Lenovo K5 Vibe ( Lenovo A6020a40) app notifications Problem after adroit 5.1.1 update !!!

Few weeks ago i updated my Lenovo K5 OS to version 5.1.1. After that  no more app (Viber, Facebook Lite, …….) notifications appear at front of the screen . I tried every possible setting at my smartphone, read all the posts in the community and couldn’t find any solution for this annoying bug!  Does Lenovo do their best for solving  problems like these, because as i see there is  Lenovo update bug problem, and there is not any Lenovo support reaction at all . It is pitty to have  smartphone from reputable brand  and could not use its full functionality because of software bug !!!

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