I have a Lenovo YT3-850-M and have not been able to connect Samsung UFlex (7E8E) Bluetooth Headphones.


The Bluetooth headphones does not get detected by the tab, whereas there is no issue with the headphones as they work fine with other devices.


Can anyone suggest a solution for this issue.

My keyboard stops working when pressing some keys In Ubuntu 18.04

Hi everyone,
recently, i absolutely engrossed by linux, namely Ubuntu, and i am trying to have it ad my main opersting system، but unfortunately,
as a newcomer to ubuntu 18.04,I have experienced a couple of difficulties. However, wsht really bothers me is that My lap top is Lenovo ideapad z500. I have ubunto and Windows 10 both on it. But there is a problem with its keyboard. Actually it works on windows correctly, but it stops working while pressings some keys meaning 5, 6,left control, plus, tilda and so forth.
What shoud I do to resolve it?

T430u Windows 10 upgrade problems

I recently upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 V. 1809 and am experiencing intermittant problems with Win 10 on startup.


1. Screen washed out – too bright

2. No touchpad operation

3. Keyboard not recognized – no keyboard input

4. No capsLock icon


Not all of these problems occur at once, usually washed out screen and no capsLock icon.

I have upgraded the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver to V. with no help.


I have tried various settings etc, but no help. I would like to get this computer running correctly. Any help will be appreciated.


K8 note auto restart

i have bought the k8 note mobile as soon as it has launched . i love the mobile as it has no problem for the past 1 and half years. last week my mobile was getting restarted automatically . i cant able to do anything. i have bought to the service centre they itself dont know what is the problem . simply telling motherboard issue. there is no way of getting motherboard issue in this mobile. it is surely of software issue. many people has the same problem. so kindly do the neccessary things to solve the issue. i am still believing i can get my k8 note back

P51 Color Calibrator Not Working

Running standard Windows 10. After recent windows upgrades, the color calibrator stopped working. Execute Pantone Color Calibrator and splash sreen comes up for a few seconds, then closes completely. Updated both Pantone calibrator and XRite software and get the same behavior.


Anyone else have this issue?

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