change background on Thinksmart hub 500



Is there a way to change the background/theme of the thinksmart hub 500devices? all I can find is predefined themes. I would like to put in my own background image

ThinkCentre M700 – BIOS virtualization options different between form factors


I am working with the BIOS options for virtualization on the ThinkCentre M700 small form factor (SFF).  I have noticed that there are differences between the M700 SFF and the M700 Tiny regarding virtualization keys.


Specifically, the M700 Tiny has two options I am curious about:  Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d


I noticed the the M700 SFF only gives the Intel Virtualization option and omits the VT-d option in the BIOS.  I have updated the BIOS to the latest version (M05KT81A)


Is this intentionally omitted between the two hardware version?  Is there a way to enable VT-d in the SFF BIOS that I am unaware of?


I would assume that the M700 would have similar BIOS options regardless of the form factor, but it appears they are different.


Any insight is appreciated.



System Restore not working

I have performed system restore a quite a few times but every time it fails. I have tried it in normal mode, safe mode and start up too but the error is same. What can be the possible reasons for that??


ideapad 330- 151GM windows update fail can't open windows to fix

I bought this computer and opened maybe a week ago. On 12/1 I figured since I never restarted the computer and let it update that I’d do that while I was busy. Fast forward to yesterday evening I tried to turn on the computer and the whole thing froze. First it wouldn’t even get the the login pin screen, then it wouldn’t load the pin. Finally able to get the the destop, but the only things that work are the shortcuts on the desktop. None of the shortcuts on the tool bar are showing. If I minimumize any screen it disapears. None of the function keys work, can’t change the brightness.

The only way I can get windows to open is to press WIN + R and browse manually. I have tried locating the update through those files to go back to original settings, no luck. I tried redownloading the windows 10 update that was posted in October but I doesnt give the option to run. I tried selecting open when finished but it just disapears. I have read and reread every forum but they all say to go to start. I cant get there for the life of me!

Now I just read something about needing an something from intel for audio? But everytime I try downloading something it disapears?

Also, I can’t shut down/restart my computer. It only goes to sleep.

I am not very knowledgable person when it comes to computers. So please help me in a very second grade kind of way.

Lenovo Flex chassis CMM replacement by CMM2

Dear team,


Kindly advice the procedure to replace two IBM CMM with two Lenovo CMM2 in production Flex chassis 8721 ?

Currently server model installed x240 model 8737 and 9532.



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