Hello, can X1 Yoga drive a 4K TV/display at 60Hz with Chroma 4:4:4 using one port and get charged using another port at the same time? Are all the USB-C of the X1 Yoga running independently at max 40GHz?

Flex 4-1480 display changes to portrait when awakening from sleep



I’ve been having an issue with my Flex 4-1480 for the last few months. Sometimes when I awaken it from sleep the display will automatically switch to portrait mode and disconnect the keyboard. I can fix the display using the Windows display settings, but I haven’t found how to reconnect the keyboard (except for doing a long reboot which isn’t practical). Ideally I’d like to prevent this from happening to begin with. It would seem that its switching to tablet mode for no apparent reason. Any suggestions as to why it is doing this and how to prevent it? Or at least how to reconnect the keyboard?


Thanks in advance!



100% cpu and jet engine fan yoga 510

Ive just purchaced a brand new out of the box 510, after 5 mins of being on and no tasks running whatsoever it sounds like its trying to takw off. After a quick google i got the sinking feeling when i realised its a common problem with what seems to be no fix 🙁

Just touching the keyboard seems to make the cpu usage shoot through the roof, i have 90% cpu usage just from going on youtube and thats without even playing a video.


Is there anything i can do? Or should i just take it back and stay well clear of lenovo? 


Also my ram is at 40% and im not even doing anything, its litearall strait out the box, nithing installed or downloading, why is so much usage going on? 



Lenovo IdeaPad slow after BIOS update.

A few days ago i updated BIOS(through lenovo vantage)  to a newer version, and after a restart things got messed up. Chrome barely load pages, youtube videos barely play, takes more than 10 seconds to open a folder..etc. Now i don’t know what to do, the laptop itself it’s only 3 months old.

Please, help me.

Lenovo Ideapad MIIX 310-10ICR Tablet screen dead

I have the MIIX unfortunately the screen is damaged. A replacement screen is only slightly less than a second hand machine. If I bought a second hand machine, could I just use the tablet part from it with my original machine?

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