I have a B575e. No matter what key I press during boot, I cannot get in to the BIOS and I cant get to the boot menu either so that I could try and flash the bios in case it that would help. Using the bios update utility from windows says that it doesnt work with this machine.

So any suggestions how to access the bios or boot menu?


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How to install custom recovery through ADB fastboot mode. Please give step by step process. 

My device is LENOVO TB3-710F

Please help me.


Bluetooth switches on automatically in Lenovo k6power

Yoga 920 + Thunderbolt 3 Dock Monitors sleep issue



I  got Yoga 920 with Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Dock that is connected to two 4k Samsung monitors.


Just recently when I put Yoga 920 to sleep the monitors will switch off, but in 10-15 sec start looking for a signal.

Basicaly screen goes to black (looks like monitor is off) and then in 10 sec it switches on a show blank screen with input name on (DisplayPort) and than it goes off and in 10 sec on with input name ….. this keeps cycling on and off.


This is happening on both monitors.


It’s strange as it used to work fine untill recently (apropox 1 week ago).


Im on latest bios with Yoga 920 and latest firmware for Thunderbolt 3 Dock and Lenovo Vantage says my system is up to date.


The windows recently updated to Windows 10 (1709), not sure if that is related.


Any help how to fix this issue?



Bad BIOS Update – Please Help me! – Z580

Hey, i’v just downloaded the bios from here and now my notebook does not turns on…


Its shows a gray screen with red text saying "SECURE BOOT Image failed to verify with access denied press any key to continue"

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