Yoga 370 – which models have so-dimm slot?

Which models of the ThinkPad Yoga 370 have a SO-DIMM memory slot? Or how to determine/find this based on part number (e.g. 20JJS00100 has it based on notebookcheck review)? Does it correspond to some letter/digit in the part no?

Thinkpad T430s: can not change sleep settings

Hello Everybody,


I’m using Thinkpad T430s  with docking station 4337. However, I can not prevent my laptop going to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, even all posibile settings I have changed. Could you help me with this?

Ideapad 310-15ISK Repeatedly Logging Out/Start-up problem


I’ve had the Lenovo Ideapad since Dec 2016 and in the last week it’s started logging me out to the Windows log-in screen perhaps every 10-20seconds, then lets me back in with my password as usual.

Another two odd things (again only this week) are the mouse tracker often freezes on screens like the log-in screen or Ctrl-Alt-Del, and seemingly double-tapping enter releases it.

And on once occasion it seemed a Windows button was jammed (it physically wasn’t) so any keyboard prompt opened a shortcut.


Looking back I can see some start-up issues were from start-up programs, I’ve disabled them all. There was a duplicate of AVG on the start-up menu which I couldn’t disable which I needed to uninstall via add-remove programs.


The other thing worth mentioning is while UK-based and under warranty until Dec 2018 I’m in remote Central America until April so can’t pop into a PC shop easily!





Specs: Ideapad 310-15ISK (Non-touch).

Windows 10 version 1703. OS 15063.786.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.59 GHz


64-bit system

PayPal not compatible with device

For some I reason the PayPal app is not compatible with my device.

I have a tab 4 8 and I’ve checked that it’s up to date.

I’ve only recently purchased this and I’m wondering why I can’t get the PayPal app.


Any ideas anyone?



X1 Yoga OLED brightness issues (unable to adjust), Ubuntu 16-17

On the X1 Yoga the OLED screen is known for its brightness settings issues. On all ubuntu distros from 16.4 to 17.10 the brightness canot be adjusted. This has never been fixed even though this should be a certified laptop (

Un Ubuntu 16 the command line option xrandr –output eDP-1 –brightness  gives some option but this fails on all ubuntu 17. versions. Any idea on when you finally fix this, or any solutions?




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