Windows 10 no network connections or wifi

Following a Windows 10 update on/about 5/14, my Yoga 3 only intermittently connects via wifi.  The problem seems to be with the Broadcom adaptor, which shows an error code 12, indicating that the adaptor is competing with some other device for resources and is being disabled.  No fix seems to work and there is no update for the adaptor driver available via Lenovo.  Suggestions?

Lenovo P51: Display Color Shift Issue

Hi Everyone,


During the last couple days, I noticed a wierd color shift issue with my P51 (1080p non-touch panel). I tried changing the night light settings on Windows but it made no difference. Has anybody ran onto this issue before? If so, how did you fix it? See the youtube video below or here:

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What am I doing wrong? – USB-C to HDMI cable doesn't work

Hi there,


I recently purchased a Thinkpad T480s and have a USB-C to HDMI cable that I am trying to connect to my external display. It is made by Uni and was purchased off Amazon, it advertises 60hz 4k and yet the monitor doesnt display. What is odd is that the computer almost half recognizes that the display is there but all the settings to change things like resolution, aspect ratio, etc. are all greyed out. I’ve installed all the drivers and still no luck. A standard HDMI to HDMI works somewhat fine and displays but the resolution is locked. I’m not sure what I am missing. Its driving me crazy. Any help would really be appreciated. 



Tab3 will not factory-reset



My tab3 started acting up – it starts up, then reboots and so on continuously.


So I wanted to do factory-reset, and followed guidelines here: 


It does not work for me. As I hold the ip volume button and power button, the tab turns on and I get a white screen with the orange lenovo sign/box and it stays there. 


When I try the same with downvolume button, i do get to a screen that looks like a recovery screen  but there is a list of chinese characters so I cannot read it. 


any advice?


Moderator note: broken link fixed.

Lenovo vibe K5 + lock screen issues

I have set my lock screen in pattern…but whenever i unlock my phone directly open without entering pattern… And I had try the steps you had mentioned in another user’s … 


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