ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2 Firmware

After updating Firmware to v1.0.2.07081 the Check Firmware reports Firmware version as "Unknown". (See below)

Using drivers v1.0.2.06121 on a ThinkPad T590.



charging smart tab p10

I have just bought a new lenovo smart p10 and can I chargre the battery other than with the docking station

Yoga 730 hinge defect

I purchased a Lenovo 730 less then a month ago. I recently noticed the right hinge is missing a connector to the screen itself. This causes the hinge to look slanted and frankly it is an accident waiting to happen. I have read about other people’s problems with this specific hinge and it clearly is a manufacturing defect. The problem is that I bought this computer while on vacation, and I’ve been told the only way to fix this problem is to return the laptop to where I bought it, or to send it to Lenovo for repairs, which I must pay for. I cannot return to where I bought it and I do not want to spend more money on this problem that was no fault of my own. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know what I can do about this.

Ideapad 300s-141SK will not run on battery

My Ideapad suddenly stopped working on battery.  It will only run on AC.  The battery reads as charged and it passes all tests in Lenovo Diagnostics Tool.  If it is running and I unplug the AC it immediately shuts down as if there were no battery installed at all.

Lenovo ThinkPad T460s BIOS issue

Hello everybody,


I purchased a some time ago a Thinkpad T460s laptop, which had a fried motherboard. "No problem" I thought and sent the machine to a non-Lenovo-authorized repair service. Few days ago I got the laptop back with a new working motherboard. However, not all was such smooth sailing. I installed Windows 8.1 to the laptop and noticed these issues:


The BIOS would give me error codes 2200 and 2201, regarding a lack of serial number, machine type and UUID

Secure Boot doesn’t activate Windows


I think I can resolve the activation issue by just getting a new key and injecting it to the BIOS. However, I’d like to remove the BIOS errors as well. Is there anything I can do to fix these issues on my own? The machine doesn’t have any warranty left, so I guess that bringing the machine to a Lenovo-approved service facility would cost a ton of money (which I don’t currrently have). 


I have tried running AMIDEWIN utility (only got an SMBIOS error from it), the UEFI version of it threw me an incompatibility error


If needed, I can pay a little to the chap who can help me out




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