I have a reoccurring problem where every time I close the lid to my thinkbook, the screen turns off but it’s otherwise still running at full power, with the cpu and fans going. When I open the lid, the light to the power button is still on, but the screen doesn’t turn on, and pressing buttons on the keyboard or trackpad yields no results. When I get a Windows update, it temporarily works, but then it will stop again. The issue seems to be with wake events, as settings that should be available on a laptop just aren’t for waking up the computer. I have to force reboot my computer if I don’t turn it off before closing the lid. Also the fingerprint scanner is no longer working properly.

Received a faulty X1 extreme gen 1 machine

I bought an X1 extreme couple of days ago and the display is faulty right out of the box. There is a green line showing up on display.

What do I now? Can I replace the product and get a new one?

Yoga 920 Motherboard Usb Test


My camera and USB port stoped working at the same time.

For my camera I have the message: "We can’t find your camera" Error code: 0xA00F4244<nocamerasareattached>For my USB port I have the message: "Power surge on the USB port"

I ran the hardware diagnostics on Lenovo website and I got this result: Motherboard Usb Test – Fail / Result Code:WMB0000F00008-UO8WVH, Final Result Code W3P5MH69SN7N-WGVLC2


I’d appreciate your help.


Lenovo Display Optimizer on X1 not working

Having trouble with my 1909 Windows on X1E. Colors are extremely saturated and bright. It’s absolutely impossible to work.


Please anyone assist.


Noticed before that it happened to new version of Intel 630 driver. On previous version of windows I could always roll back to older version of driver, where Lenovo Display Optimizer worked well, but on new version of Windows I can’t do it.


Latest Nvidia and Intel drivers are installed, it doesn’t show any result.

Please help!!!



Unable to use voice command to shut off alarm before it goes off

I set several weekday alarms which work well for using voice commands to ‘stop’ them after they go off.  If I wake up before the alarm goes off, there is no voice command to stop the alarm without disabling/deleting the entire alarm series.  I want to be able to stiop the alarm for that day from going off so it doesn’t wake my partner.


Any suggestions?



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