T 410 pci serial port driver – missing driver win10 64bit. Intel Management Engine Interface 6.2

Hi.  I had some problem finding the right driver for windows 10.  The Hardware Ids:




I found legacy driver for T410 – it´s for windows 8 64bit, but work for windows 10 64bit.  Location here:



Yoga C930: compatible hubs/docks + problem with Satechi

Hi there,


I the new owner of Yoga C930-13IKB. I’ve also bought USB-c dock/hub from Satechi (similar to this: https://satechi.net/collections/usb-type-c/products/type-c-multi-port-adapter-with-ethernet-v2, but +DisplayPort).


The Yoga/Windows 10 doesn’t recognise it. I only hear the sound from Windows that something is connecting. That’s all. 


I’ve tried another hub (Sandberg) – a pen drive connected thru it is visible in Windows, but HDMI doesn’t work.


What WORKING hubs – non-Lenovo – do you know (Display Port is the most important)?


Or maybe there is a solution to start up the Satechi hub?


Administrator: subject changed to reflet correct product name

IdeaPad Z580 – Harddrive Enclosure

Does anyone know what harddrive enclosure I should purchase that will fit the harddrive from my IdeaPad Z580 – Model 20135?  

Software update release notes 22 jan 2019

Hello Lenovo,

Thank you for releasing new update.


Would you please confirm if it’s 8.1 ?


Also would you please confirm that still after this update security patch will be November 2018? If so why is that.


Again many thanks. Hope this new update will fix all long standing issues for all users and don’t screw up the device.


Many thanks

Lenovo G50-30 screen turn off for seconds when I plugin/plugout the cable charger

Hello, I have lenovo G50 I upgrading my bios to A7CN48ww 2 days ago and I changed win7 x64 several times, because my Lan Card is not detected when i plugin my ethernet cable,
I noticed that when am working on windows, when I plugin the charger cable, my screen turn off for few seconds n turn back on again with less brightness and when i plugout the cable the screen turn off for few seconds and turn back on again, so does anyone has a solution for this problem?

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