Slow WIFI and Ethernet on Y740

Hi Gents,


I bought this Y740 today… Compare to the Y720 the wifi and the ethernet speed is incredibly low.. Please help me to figure out what is the issue. I tried all kind of stuff, but both of them is slow… example. Y720 downloading 100mb/s from origin with ethernet. Just rigth after that Y740 downloading with 20 mb/s max… same on wifi… I mean the difference..

Lenovo P52 unstable after upgrade

Hi All,


Need some help, I purchased Lenovo P52 and it just arrived yesterday and it is unstable on a flat surface, it would seem one of the landing pads on bottom of laptop is on the battery and therefore not in same plane as other pads, also the battery is shorter than advertised and about half the lifetime of my old lenvovo which I was hoping to replace.

Was in touch with support(chat) earlier and got cut off and now it tells me I can not contact chat/support.


please advise as it took 2 weeks for item to get here and I need it for work everyday and the return period is very short.


thank you in advance

L390 Yoga BIOS rollback?

I recently read a thread about BIOS version 1.13 either bricking the L390 or leaving it with over active and noisy fans:


So I decided not to apply this particular update and I switched ‘automatic updates’ off in the Vantage app. Unfortunately I was too late, it had downloaded itself and the update ran through (without issue). Unfortunately I was indeed left with with a noisy machine (especially when plugged in). I’m annoyed, because this was previously a quiet laptop and a pleasure to use. Now it’s distracting to me and others around me. I’m also experiencing audible coil whine since the update. None of the usual remedies for cooling, which I always set up by default when I first configure a new laptop, have made any difference. Incidentally it doesn’t seem to be running any hotter than before, so there is no real reason for the increased fan noise.


My question is, can I roll back to the previous version (1.11)? It can be downloaded from Lenovo’s site here (you have to scroll right down to see it):


Right now I’ll try anything to sort out the mess made by v1.13.


I see v1.18 has just been released but I have no idea if that fixes the fan problem. 


If rolling back isn’t an option then I’d appreciate some reassurance from Lenovo that this will soon be fixed. If my machine had arrived like this I would have returned it. I’ve only had it a couple of months and I’m finding it unusable now when plugged in. 


ST50 HDD Power cable

Just ordered our first ST50 (after previously using TS150 ThinkServers over the past few years) and have an issue with HDD power cables.


The TS150’s used a standard 4 pin square power connector on the motherboard to power the drives, so once you had the cable (usually from you were good to go.


For the new ST50’s it appears they’ve changed that connector to something smaller than the standard square 4 pin connector. (picture attached)

Anyone know where those might be available (from Lenovo or otherwise) ?

Unable to submit a refund request


I’ve tried to submit a refind request 


but I keep getting a "Something Went Wrong" message. 



Can anyone help me with my refund request? 



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