Problem with SATA after Win 10 1903 update



After the update Windows 10 to version 1903 I have an error in the Device manager.

Standard SATA ACHI controller error code 10 "Can not start the device"


By device ID PCIVEN_11AB&DEV_6121&CC_0106 it is MARVELL SATA RAID controller.

No drivers thru Lenovo System Update avaliable.

Windows does not update drivers thru device manager as well.

There is no manufacture official driver for Windows 10 avaliable.


Who had the same problem?

Is there a way to contact Lenovo driver support department?


Please see the screenshot added.


Thank you!

After the last update phone was hang after the lock 1 or 2 min

After the last update phone was hang after the lock 1 or 2 min

Please give new update with fix this problem or give solution for it

Laptop Lags When Connected To External Monitor

Recently purchased P1G2. I am experiencing very laggy behaviour when using external monitor. The lagging happens even with simple operations like typing, opening the start console, or moving window screens. This happens regardless of lid being opened or closed as long as my laptop’s monitor is turned off and I am on an external monitor. I have installed all the latest updates, selected "best performance" power mode, and selected "high-performance NVIDIA processor" under nvidia control pannel. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!

Long time between pressing power button and ThinkPad logo

I have a lenovo Carbon X1 (2014) model 20A7 (i5-4300U,  8 gb,  256 GB SSD) . When i hold on power button it takes about 20 seconds before ThinkPad logo display. But after that everthing is fine… Windows work perfectly. Any help please. 

Some tricks I did without result :

– update bios 

– update some drivers

– hold on power button for 10 seconds and then 30 seconds

– reset buttons

– disconnected ssd, wifi


Y740 startup keyboard lighting

My keyboard used to start with a non catchy subtle blue light which  find perfectly acceptable. however after the firmware update it usually opens in the dancing rgb sequence. Is there away to disable this. usually it takes a while before i cue settings is set up so opening my laptop gives this annoying light show. 


Any advice for me.


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