I have a friends Lenovo IdeaPad N580 laptop that is stuck on the "lenovo" splash screen (black screen with lenovo written in bold text).  It has a Windows 8 label on the bottom of the laptop.  I have tried the following steps 

     1)  a. Remove battery and power adapter, then press power button for 20 seconds

          b. Plug in power adapter only and then press power button for 10 seconds

          c. Try powering on laptop.   Same reults with the lenovo splash screen and nothing else.

     2)  Press novo button (next to power button)  Same results with the lenovo splash screen and nothing else.  No menu options or                   bios options or boot options

     3)  Press (f2, f8, f12, esc, ‘function F2’, ‘function F8’, ‘function F12’) right after pressing power button witht he same results of lenovo             splash screen and nothing else.


Please advise what can I try next to get to the bios or recovery options or boot to the hard drive.

Thinkpad X1 Carbon v3- replacement SSD



I have searched around to try to understand what I can upgrade my X1 v3 stock SSD to.  I want to go to something like this if I can: 


I found one post (from NateS) that states the following:


"To the best of my knowledge, the Carbon 3 only supports AHCI PCIe or SATA SSDs. NVMePCIe support is in later Carbon generations."


That would seem to suggest that I cannot use the drive I was hoping to.


Could anyone point me to good value aprox 1TB drives that I actually can use in the v3 please?


Thanks guys.


p.s. The stock SSD currently in the machine is this: Samsung mznln256hpchp-000l7

Yoga 3 14 bottom screws

I need to remove the battery from Yoga 3 14.  What kind of screwdriver do I use to remove bottom screws?  TIA for any help or advice!

Keyboard not working on ideapad 330 17ICH



I have an Ideapad 330 laptop (81FL002JBM – thats a 17.3", i5 CPU, 8 Gb RAM) bought 3 months ago.

Couple of days ago its keyboard stopped working (to be more precise its on, but if you press a button a whole number of symbols appear on the screen when under Windows for example).

It doesn’t work before the start of the OS, be it Windows 10 or Ubuntu in my case and because of that you can’t enter the BIOS at all too. The windows 10 loads properly (after using a weird combination of keys so I can navigate the boot manager menu) but I had to use the onscreen keyboard to log into it.

After that the keyboard needs to be disabled in device manager else the whole systems starts to behave strangely too.

I have tried updating the BIOS, holding FN+S+V for 20s, removing the battery of the laptop and holding the power on key for 60s and so on.

I plugged an external keyboard to the laptop and it works fine.

Using the Lenovo testing tool, everything but the keyboard is passing the test. After 10 min for example the keyboard test says that the test has been interrupted (while no key is pressed by me) and the test fails. Everything else is working but the keyboard.


Can anyone provide some new ideas or should I sent it to Lenovo for repairs?

Yoga C930 keyboard settings problem

Whenever I close the lid/put the device to sleep and turn it back on, the repeat delay (see below) always defaults back to a much longer delay, which is extremely annoying.  It shows that it is still set to "short," but the delay is probably 3x longer.  If i move the bar back and forth (i.e. to a longer delay, then back to short), it fixes the problem, but functionally, it is extremely cumbersome to do this every time I open the lid to use my laptop.  Any solutions?


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