My lenovo k8 note performance after 5 September update

After  5 september update my phon is more laging and network alsoo so week and i also check my sim in other phon but the problem is in software of my phon  now…..

T480 unable to wake from its sleep

Hi all, i recently started using Lenovo Vantage’s Battery Charge Threshold so that my laptop is plugged in and not charging. However, when it goes to sleep, i can’t wake it, yet i can wake it from hibernation. The only way to wake it from sleep is to remove the power plug. However, when i turn off Battery Charge Threshold, i am able to wake my laptop from its sleep. Anyone has any solutions?

Google Drive Support

Hi, I’m considering buying a Smart Display. Is it possible to open my Google Drive on the Smart Display and, for example, open any PDFs that I may have stored?

T460 won't boot: "to interrupt normal strat up, press Enter"

Hello community, hope you can help out me here 🙂


well, my T460 it’s been like this for a few days already, I can’t find a suitable solution because I didn’t find the exact same problem on the forum. It just won’t boot W10 pro, not even a single time. It has happened before a couple of times, but eventually it worked and booted w10.


The first time it didn’t show the "to interrupt normal strat up, press Enter" message, but after the second try it does, although Enter doesn’t help, nor switch ON/OFF quickly does. I’ve also tried to fully charge it (it has the save battery lifespan mode ON, so about 85% is the max it can charge)


I run out of things to try, hope together can come to a suitable solution. Thank you! 


levnovo v110-15AST

hello lenovo users,

i’m trying to faimd a way to access my bios advance setting

obviously i cant access it from the bios so i have tryed to access it from

uefi bios(shift+restart……)and coulden’t find the uefi restart option 

still trying to find a vay to access it

hope you cold help me provail this obstical

tahnk you all for your help and wish you all well:smileyhappy:

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