MIIX 520 Micro SD card specifications

I can’t seem to find MIIX 520’s Micro SD card reader specifications.  All I see is that it takes one.  Someone in Amazon Q&A seem to suggest it only takes up to 128GB.



Which is kind hard to believe.  Other places suggests it can take up to 2TB.  So, I’m confused what is the maximum capacity.


Second, I have usage question.  Is inserting a Micro SD card like inserting a USB drive.  Does it just appear as another drive in Windows 10?  Or, does it actually extend beyond the internal 256GB SSD drive.  My take is it’s probably act like an external drive.  But, please share what you know.



Thinkpad T450s ThinkLight not working after ssd change

Hi, my thinkpad’s thinklight doesn’t seem to be working after replacing the ssd and reinstalling windows. 
I have already used System Update and Lenovo Vantage to download the drivers, and even reinstalled the hotkey drivers but it doesn’t seem to detect my thinklight. I was previously on a Lenovo Signature Edition before, but something messed up when I was cloning the drive so I just decided to reinstall Windows 10 Pro. I used to have three options when clicking Fn+Spacebar, (dim backlight, high backlight then thinklight) but now I only have the two backlight options. I also tried to use TPFanControl to enable the ThinkLight but it just triggers a 0 battery level warning making the computer shutdown unexpectedly. Any suggestions to get my ThinkLight back? 🙁

Accidentally deleted the drivers folder from Lenovo Legion y720

I’ve accidentally deleted the drivers folder from the HDD when doing a clean install. I’ve tried to get the drivers from the official website support but it does’t looks right. Specially for the Nerve Sense and the Dolby Atmos softwares. Nerve Sense is not showing the Sound Enhancement anymore and the Dolby Atmos app from the taskbar is not there anymore.

Can anyone share the files to Google Drive, for example? Or did I something wrong with the installations?

Lenovo L192 ThinkVision Monitor 6920-AB1 attached to ThinkPad E580

Using a VGA/HDMI adapter to connect my L192W monitor to my new ThinkPadE580.  Error message on monitor screen "input signal out of range".  Installed L192W driver for Vista as recommended, but no change.  Suggestions appreciated.

Yoga 730 13" – Battery drain while shutdown or hibernating

Hi all,


Recently got delivery of a brand new Yoga 730 13" from Lenovo directly and have it updated to latest Windows and Drivers and BIOS.


While the laptop is powered off, I am experiencing a pretty rapid battery drain I think. I am yet to make an accurate observation but it certainly feels like I come back to the laptop in a few hours and the battery remaining is much lower than I remember.

Anyone else experiencing this? I have already disabled Always On USB and have nothing plugged in to the USB ports except for the Active Pen 2 holder.





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